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  • A Yahoo! User Aug 9, 2005 22:40 Flag

    Should we question Rafael's training methods in light of all these injuries?

    Has anyone noticed the amount and severity of injuries to LFC players at the start of last season and this season? Do you think this has to do with the rigorous training methods of Rafa?

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    • Must admit it had crossed my mind that something is wrong with the training but i guess the guys at the club know more than i do.

    • Come to think of it.... yah. Maybe the training ground need to be relaid with softer soil. hahaha
      Well, the injury list is starting to grow again, but hopefully, this time round there is able replacement in every position. That's what the gaffer is trying to do in the transfer market.
      Hopefully, we can survive the crisis.

    • I hear what you're saying Baboo. 4 days before the start of the new season and we already have 8 (yes, eight!) players out with injuries! I know we've had a few pre-seasons, plus the CL Qualifiers, but they have hardly been what you would call hard games. After last seasons problems with injury, you have to wonder what's going on. I doubt it has anything to do with training methods but you've got to wonder what some of these £50,000 a week players are made of!