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  • A Yahoo! User Aug 26, 2005 12:29 Flag

    Hey, Manager, Bring saint Owen home

    What is the hold up with Owen. He is liverpool through and through and itching to get back into a red shirt and start banging the goals home. We need them.

    Please, buy Owen and bring him home.

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    • Owen has no place in a red jersey....
      He left us when`e wanted him to stay...
      He is not a great goal scorer...good but not great...if he was bigger clubs than newcastle would be after him(no offense newcastle fans).
      He would cost us more than we paid for him....so we would have shelled out cash for the player we started with....
      And His reason for coming back is NOT THAT HE LOVES LIVERPOOL it is that he wants regular football so that he does not suffer internationally.Selfish. He wont go to newcastle as there he would be shown up to be an ok striker who performs well when the team is created to get HIM goals...which does not work in europe and mihgt get us 4th in prem but not newcastle......

    • Saint? If wat u say is true why he left in the first place?
      He had no confidence when Rafa took over and ran on the first time calling. Just because he's english doesnt mean LFC should sacrifice their formation remember we have crouch, morientes , cisse, sinama, and mellor. let him go to newcastle n we will see how many gaols he put at the back of the net. i have nothing against Owen but then this is my opinion :)

    • I agree totally! Saint Michael is a legend at Anfield and Rafa should do all he can to bring him home! Why waste 7million pound on Peter Crouch when Owen is available and has proved he is world class?