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  • Robert Robert Aug 27, 2005 03:51 Flag


    Your having a laugh if your rating Cisse ahead of Morientes. Morientes is still twice the player Cisse will ever be. I understand he hasnt been great since arriving at Anfield, but you can clearly see he has a lot more class and stlye than Cisse. i have never once seen Cisse actually try and finish a ball, in front of goal he hits it as hard as he can and hopes for the best, and someone should tell him, that doesnt work in the premiership. Cisse cant Create chances, finish a ball or head a ball. While Morientes can do all three.

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    • Eh??? See what you're saying, but how much longer do we give Morientes to show his class? He ain't scoring, simple as that! And as for tonight, I'd say we were playing with 10 men, as Moro did nothing. Cisse scores, Morientes doesn't. No brainer.

    • Whilst I understand what you are saying about Morientes - he was once a great footballer- having just watched the Super Cup, I well and truly rest my case! Morientes was awful and despite some poor service never presented ANY openings to mount an attack. Whereas Mr Cisse comes on scores 2 and sets up another. I know why you are defending Morientes, but surely it is time to stop letting him cash in on former glories - THE GUY IS PAST IT!!!