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  • Amber A Amber A Aug 27, 2005 06:24 Flag


    Eh??? See what you're saying, but how much longer do we give Morientes to show his class? He ain't scoring, simple as that! And as for tonight, I'd say we were playing with 10 men, as Moro did nothing. Cisse scores, Morientes doesn't. No brainer.

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    • Cisse has scored more goals then Morientes, and i think Cisse also has more determination, his also phisical and fast and annoying because he gets in to the right places to trouble deffenders even if he does struggle to put the ball pass the keeper some times.

      That said im not saying Mor is a bad player but he has been given a lot of chances and i think its time for him to show what he can do.

      Id still love to see Owen back.

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      • Owen can come back to Liverpool but not at the expense of Cisse. Should you need to sell off one striker, he should be Morientes. I like him though. Sell him only at the last resort (but not Cisse). Anyway, Peter Crouch can take over Morientes job in heading. Please don't sell Cisse. Cisse shows a lot of commitment & determination. Give him a chance to perform after his injury last season. He did very well in the Supercup recently. Imagine Liverpool having Cisse, Owen & PC? That would be great! BTW, what happened to the $$ obtained from the last Champions League?

    • That's what I said to a friend earlier, with El Moro it was like we had 10 men! You'll never see him chase half chances whereas Baros would have and Cisse does. Moro just glides about and occasionally passes the ball, he is coasting for God's sake. Not threatening at all!