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  • Justin Justin Aug 27, 2005 06:33 Flag


    That's what I said to a friend earlier, with El Moro it was like we had 10 men! You'll never see him chase half chances whereas Baros would have and Cisse does. Moro just glides about and occasionally passes the ball, he is coasting for God's sake. Not threatening at all!

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    • Morientes-how about trying him as cover in defence-second thoughts he looks a bit slow-it struck me watching tonights match how come Garcia can get there albeit wasting a few first half chances BUT at least he got there whereas Morientes was the invisible man-FULL marks to Cisse for injecting some pace and goal threat !!!!

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      • Yea, Morientes is too slow for the English game. I prefer to see him go than Cissie. BTW, what a game for Cissie, full mark to the guy. Despite all the negative reports on the transfer front, he is a true professional - he responsed in the most positive way by scoring goals, that is the difference between a man and a boy.