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    Ok, he may well prove me wrong, but on current form surely Morientes should be the one leaving Liverpool, NOT Cisse who has the chance to get experience and improve. If we have to sacrifice a striker for Owen to come back then I really think Cisse should be given a chance. If nothing else he always looks more determined than the slow coach Spaniard. What is even more frustrating is Benitez's persistence with him, when Cisse is becoming "hurt" by press talk of him leaving. Our whole team seems to be geared towards wide play with crossing for the front man, and while El Moro can head a ball, that seems to be his only trick! Benitez shoul at least give Garcia, Pongolle etc a go if he doesn't wanna play Cisse, but drop Moro as he is ruining all our efforts elsewhere on the pitch, as it inevitably amounts to nothing!

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    • Just dug up a really old one here but, people are on here being really critical of some of our old signings, but I remember when Morientes signed, the excitement was great. Hard to know why it didnt work out as he has been great at Valencia.

      Some signings work, some dont, its the gamble in football I am afraid. It is either pay over the top for an english player or a little less for a foreign one. Rafa will show his hand this summer I'm sure since he practically has a blank chequebook.

    • you are so right morientes does not even deserve to be in liverpool

    • yup i agree, thats a good point, i think morientes should b used as a swap for owen, if we had owen back we could try having owen and cisse up front, might work out, might not.

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      • This Morientes guy must go ... he has had more time than Cisse to prove himself, yet has failed to make the impact that we all thought him capable of. Cisse was brought in as a prime partner for Owen. If there shall be a swap, we must let Morientes go to make room for Owen. Morientes was supposed to be part of the Owen deal, but we ended up with this Nunez crap. The Owen/Real deal has really misfired badly (financially), and LFC are the big losers. We can salvage this by letting Morientes go, bringing in Owen, and have Rafa nurture the Owen/Cisse partnership. We really should be scoring 3 goals per game (a la Champions League). Our lack of effectiveness in the Premiership shows badly, and I fear that there are signs of the 30-point gap starting to appear once again.

    • FM is not for me either,I dont understand why GC should go and not FM after all we acquired PC who seem to posses the same abilities as FM.Having sold MB,am of the opinion that if MO returned then he would play alongside GC they both have the pace which at the moment we lack.Our style of play at times is so boring and make us conceed silly goals.It appears that Mr RB has not even decided his first team,there is also a problem of fielding a weak side only to realise the mistake 10 mins to time.I would rather ave a stronger side which can win a match in the first half than making changes in the last mins and that would not bring the desired results.am afraid we might not go far in the CL and even in the EPL if changes are not effected now.WE need MO,GC,and not FM!

    • I agree with you. I have said many times that Morientes is too slow. He has good touches but in the EPL, you only have half a second to think before you are crowded. He is not physical enough as well. Don't know why Benitez think of selling Cisse ahead of Morientes. Could it be because one is French and the other a Spaniard?

    • He has been awful so far. Hopefully things will change

    • If we can get a good repayment deal as reported in the press for Owen (ie 2 mill a year to Real for 4 years), then I would love to keep both Morientes and Cissie as well as they seem to have different strengths so this would give Benitez more options.

      We should be bringing more quality players in rather than letting them go especially after all the injury problems last year... and seemingly this year too. We need that coverage in all positions.

      That said we need some reliable firepower up front rather than hoping Gerrard will score and Owen will fit the bill nicely. We could also show him the lovely new European trophies he didn't win at Madrid :-)

    • Your having a laugh if your rating Cisse ahead of Morientes. Morientes is still twice the player Cisse will ever be. I understand he hasnt been great since arriving at Anfield, but you can clearly see he has a lot more class and stlye than Cisse. i have never once seen Cisse actually try and finish a ball, in front of goal he hits it as hard as he can and hopes for the best, and someone should tell him, that doesnt work in the premiership. Cisse cant Create chances, finish a ball or head a ball. While Morientes can do all three.

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      • Eh??? See what you're saying, but how much longer do we give Morientes to show his class? He ain't scoring, simple as that! And as for tonight, I'd say we were playing with 10 men, as Moro did nothing. Cisse scores, Morientes doesn't. No brainer.

      • Whilst I understand what you are saying about Morientes - he was once a great footballer- having just watched the Super Cup, I well and truly rest my case! Morientes was awful and despite some poor service never presented ANY openings to mount an attack. Whereas Mr Cisse comes on scores 2 and sets up another. I know why you are defending Morientes, but surely it is time to stop letting him cash in on former glories - THE GUY IS PAST IT!!!