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  • Les-Paul Les-Paul Aug 27, 2005 08:14 Flag


    When Rafa said he will be the new Viera he made a bold prediction. After seeing him in the games he has played, the guy is definatly going to be quality. He's young,has a good engine, ability and is pyhsical enough to cope with the Premiership. We have been screaming out for cover for Didi and with players like Stevie G, Xabi and Did himself to nurture him, he will be a ledgend at Anfield.
    What a good signing and another reason to have faith in Rafa!
    Oh Yeah, Super cup winners again! We may have to use old trafford as an extention to our trophey room!

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    • ha ha love the idea of using old trafford as trophy room extention, brilliant! also agree about sissoko i think he will be great actually i would rather he played than didi

    • Sissoko is looking to be a great signing by rafa and will be a class act for Liverpool. he's only 20 so he has lots of time to live up to the "new vieria" status

    • yup, hes gonna b a star,
      ure right hes got everything needed apart from experience (which hell gain) to become a legend, i wonder if well win the CL again.

    • he looks sharp, but also very aggressive and raw like gerrard was when he first came in - all good things.

      Personally I think he would be a great partner for carragher at centre-back in future, because he's a big big lad.

    • Sissoko is just what we need, when Hamann is in the twighlight of his career and so we can release Gerrard to great effect. He is young, tall, strong, energetic and has a half decent shot. What more can we ask for? At the very least is a miles better than flippin Diao was! Man that player is so awful! Thank God, we have people like Sissoko coming in.

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      • Agee with you. He will be big, just like Hamann when he was at his peak. He is certainly much like Veira, lanky and powerful. What he needs is experience. I am impressed by how he breaks up play in the Super Cup. He just tucked his long leg in and rob the opponent of the ball. Then Gerrard can play a more forward role and score some goals. Sissoko is definitely a good buy.

    • Totally agree there mate, it been such a lean time the last 10 years (LOL!), but at least we have another 40 years to get the title back before we can be classified as poor as Chelsea!

    • Lets face it...it doesn't take much to become a Leg-end at anal-field these days...You only need to dye your hair red, learn the local-dialect "Welsh" or "Spanish" and 'OLE!' ur a legend for years to come!! Or at least until you realise that the team you are playing for are actualy s hite and then want that big-money move abroad or down south or is it really just to get the stupid directors at the club to fork out another million pound a week in wages and extended your contract for another 25 years even though you still have 24 left on your current contract. Or even better...make the move then have the club captain crying for your return cos you ain't getting a game with the real men. But then again...." I'm not looking for a striker...i have 5...i'm looking for a right-winger and a centre-half "!!..Change the record Rafa. I think you need more than that based on last night's performance and that effort in the premiership the other week.

    • Yeh, this lad impresses me. It is important to realise that he has only a few games in the EPL and he is already showing he can adapt to the game, not many "foreign" players can find their feet on England soil. If Owen returns, then we can really look forward to challenge Chelsea, MU and Arsenal for the title.