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  • Richard Richard Sep 2, 2005 01:28 Flag

    micheal not a true liverpool fan

    Let's get something straight. Modern footballers, whoever they play for, are not 'Fans'. They're businessmen. They sellc their skills to the highest bidder to earn as much as they can during their career, sometimes cruelly short, sometimes longer. Don't forget, these young men are 'employees, working for very rich organisations that, themselves, generate huge amounts of money from attracting paying customers, selling merchandise and generating televison and advertising revenue. I don't blame the players for taking the money, I would too given the chance, but at 58 it's a bit late. Also many people make a fuss of wages but nobody bothers if Elton John or Madonna do a one night concert and get paid a million quid do they? As a former Bank manager who had contact with several Premier players, ex managers of both the Reds and the Blues and a couple of one time International managers (Scotland and N Ireland) I can speak with some authority. No matter how players bleat about how they love the club, supported it as a boy, joined to win things or anything else, their true motivation is their pay packet. Would anyone in their right mind turn down £100,000 per week in exchange for a medal or two. I mean how many can you win in a lifetime? The true parasites. by the way, are agents who inflate prices and wages that eventually are paid by us, Joe Public. So, back to the point. Michael is not a 'true fan' of anybody except himself. Don't forget it.