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  • A Yahoo! User Aug 30, 2005 21:19 Flag

    micheal not a true liverpool fan

    lets not forget all the things michael owen did while he was with us. lets not forget that benitez and co. could have sealed this deal ages ago but decided to wait till they had three days left! and we still dnt have the winger and centre back! the blame doesnt just lie with owen

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    • There is too much Owen bashing going around now that he is not coming back. I think Owen has done his best for Liverpool. I would love to see him back but I have to admit that I was annoyed when he left. But look at what state Liverpool was at that time, and you can't blame a player for going to a big club.
      Let's face it, Benitez bears a grudge. Owen's departure signal that he does not have enough faith in him. That is what Benitez remembers.

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      • I don't think that Benitez necessarily holds a grudge, he's too professional for that crap and would leave the bawling to Graeme Souness; what he may remember are the goal droughts that Owen suffered from during his last season at Anfield.

        But good God; if I ever thought that the man had let Owen slip from his grasp to accomodate a lazy sod like Morientes...:o(

      • We were all heart broken when Michael left us last year, but we went on to win the CL. Bet Owen didn't dream of that! It just proves that, with determination and playing as a team, we can achieve results without Owen. The Owen saga was tricky for Rafa to deal with, but the end result is expected. Come on, we will be suckers if we bought Owen back for 16m after sold him a year ago for half that! Just hope that Cisse won't feel hurt with all the rumours. Love to see him scoring for us week in week out.