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  • A Yahoo! User Aug 31, 2005 21:09 Flag

    Anyone feel lack of ambition here ?

    He's actually very good, probably best player in portuguese superleague last few seasons. Drawbacks: he has failed miserably in National side and Barcelona likewise, stating the fact that he had left his beloved Portugal as the main reason for this....that doesn't bode so well, and also he is somewhat injury prone, although that has improved over the last few years.
    Think Cristiano Ronaldo crossed with Figo, and maybe a little of Paul Scholes thrown in for good measure (the build maybe, and the nature of his runs - sadly not the finishing though) - his service from the flanks is usually very good. Again a drawback though - he is essentially a left sided player (though he does play well on the right too), and his best performances have all come from this side of the park.....Man U wanted him as replacement for Giggs last season, but he said he wasn't interested back then.
    Good: yes; world class: not so sure yet - possibly; PriceTag: way too much, maybe worth half that realistically; will he adapt ? I have my doubts, but at this point (window closing) I'll take anything that has promise...!