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    Anyone feel lack of ambition here ?

    I don't know, but I can't help a slight feeling that our league position maybe reflects our lack of ambition.....I mean, yeah, Sissoko, Crouch, Barragan, Zenden and so on, all very nice; BUT these guys aren't VandeVaart, Kuranyi, Tomasson, Essien, Bouma or VandeMeyde. I know some of these guys are dodgy in terms of form and/or injuries, but they ALL share one thing - A great NAME. I mean we are Champions League winners, and had/have money to burn........we're linked with Kuyt: Nothing, we're linked with Figo: Nothing, we're linked with Bouma: Nothing, we're linked with Aimar: Nothing - we have Govou offered to us (he can play in right mid incidentally too, and quite well): Nothing....instead we sign youth player after youth player, and pay HUGE sums for Crouch and Sissoko, then whinge that Milito is too expensive, and that we can't afford Luque (who is incidentally a GREAT player...would have slotted in fantastically for us I think). I mean come on, how often this summer have we jumped on someone elses bandwagon.....we tried to squeeze Newcastle on Owen, Villa on Bouma, as if we didn't KNOW they were available.
    Instead of doing our OWN thing from a position of power (I mean HELLO, CL winner !!!) - we act as though we didn't even know these players were around. We also hear that the messiah for our right midfield is Giannakopoulos ???? I'm sorry ?! Did you just say Giannakopolous ? The 31 yr old Bolton bench warmer - oh thats just grand !! Alternatively, we can go in for tricky winger Solano.....who's also an interesting option...probably on Bradford, Gillingham and MK Dons shortlist too (no disrespect intended). Indeed, why not just sign ALL the crap players in the premiership, since that is what has brought Arsenal, Man Utd and Chelsea their success over the years.....!!!!!?????
    I am seriously somewhat gutted - I don't think any of the names we've been swinging around on these boards have even seriously been considered by anyone at the club....instead we sign youth player after youth player. Is 10 mil on Milito more of a gamble than 7mil on crouch ? Is Aimar at 7-8 mil really not an option given that Sissoko cost 5 mil ? Is Kuyts 10 mil price tag such a huge stumbling block when Baros netted 6,5 mil ? I just don't get it. My question is this: DO WE REALLY WANT TO REMAIN MEDIOCRE FOR THE REST OF THIS MILLENIUM TOO ??? I know its sometimes down to the players themselves, and the clubs that aren't willing to sell, but we're not exactly making much of an inroad into the transfer market this season either.......am very disappointed.

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    • i feel the same. some major signings promised. but who are they. i have just heard that we have spent 10 million on some winger. can someone tell me is he good

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      • Benitez won the Spanish league with a team of relative unknown. He is trying to do so here, going for players that can play his style rather than just go for star status.
        I saw Sinama Pongolle played in the Super Cup. I think he will get more game. Notice that he does not do so well in the EPL just like Garcia. Both lightweight. But in European game, they come alive.

      • He's actually very good, probably best player in portuguese superleague last few seasons. Drawbacks: he has failed miserably in National side and Barcelona likewise, stating the fact that he had left his beloved Portugal as the main reason for this....that doesn't bode so well, and also he is somewhat injury prone, although that has improved over the last few years.
        Think Cristiano Ronaldo crossed with Figo, and maybe a little of Paul Scholes thrown in for good measure (the build maybe, and the nature of his runs - sadly not the finishing though) - his service from the flanks is usually very good. Again a drawback though - he is essentially a left sided player (though he does play well on the right too), and his best performances have all come from this side of the park.....Man U wanted him as replacement for Giggs last season, but he said he wasn't interested back then.
        Good: yes; world class: not so sure yet - possibly; PriceTag: way too much, maybe worth half that realistically; will he adapt ? I have my doubts, but at this point (window closing) I'll take anything that has promise...!

    • Okay, I guess my plea was heard - Simao is not so bad at all.....although 10 million ? Seems steep. Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but he is actually naturally a left-sided player - which was why Man U wanted him as replacement for Giggs....sure he can play on right too, but not his natural position - makes me wonder whether 10 mil may not be too much in that case.

    • Couldnt of put it better, however i do believe getting youth players is important, but what is with us not trying 4 world class. I mean come-on Rafa we want to chant great names!!!