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    the problem = Rick Parry!

    This summers transfer saga / joke would never have happened if Peter 'Mr Liverpool' Robinson was stil CE. Can't blame Rafa for not landing Owen when he had to sell Baros to buy an invisable centre back & right midfielder!

    pRick Parry introduced the priority ticket scheme, mechandise sales were at all time high after that night in May & plus all the money we generated from last seasons campaign & qualifying for OUR Champions League this season......... yet still we haven't had the money available for transfers - we've basically had to sell to buy. You no its a joke when we've been outspent by Villa, Newcastle & Spurs!

    We could have used the 'Champions of Europe' tag and money to attract top players - but the money evaporated! Not to mention nearly losing of caption cos Mr Parry was sunning himself on holiday!

    Sort it out Parry or sod off.

    In Rafa We Trust

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    • Rick Parry has been good for a number of things, but one of them is definatly not transfers, i bet hes hiding the money under his pillow!

    • More classic examples of RP's great job as CE. The new Champions League shirt will be available from........ 10th November! Great marketing, missing out on all our newly acquired fans after Istanbul! The shirt should have been out pronto and cashed in after last season.

    • hahahahaha, sweetie, don't make me laugh so much coz it hurts! dream on!!!! maybe we won't win the prem, but be sure of this.... no match against us will be easy for you, and you'll probabilly be leaving crying once or twice!!! hehehe

    • its good to have a bit of banter between supporters on the message boards when they have at least a reasonable knowledge of football.
      however, you seem to have none and seem to have not yet escaped puberty.
      Read up on your Match magazine then come back with a proper argument!

    • When your sugar daddy gets locked up in a Russian cell, Chelsea will sink like Titanic, but don't worry, Hollywood will not make a movie out of it because Chelsea stinks. Your players will be knocking on our door asking for a job, we will send them to clean our boots!

    • I agree - for God's sake we should have had offers in for Owen, plus the others on July 1 when the window opened. But Rick Parry believes in pontification as we saw by the Gerrard saga. I do think we bought a cracker in Sissoko, and we seemed to get him quickly, but even the Crouch signing dragged on longer than it should have.

      It used to be that we wouldn't hear a goddam thing, then POW! Press conference with a new signing. Now its leeked to the press and I think this hampers our efforts immeasurably! Moore's, put your hand in your arse pocket for 30 mil, you will still be left with about a hundred mil to play with!

    • You ask, "Why the depression, your bloody european champions for gods sake!"

      Thats exactly why the depression. This was our chance to capitalise on the 'European Champions' tag and stengthen our squad. Instead, we released a lot of fringe squad players yet failed to strengthen it.

      We're making the same mistakes we did after the Cup Treble in 2001 and especially after we finished 2nd, the summer after. We expected a good half a dozen class players brought in and good title challenge mounted. Instead we've spent around £18m and got back about £12m and theres been no indication that any money is available. So where's the money from last seasons campaign & all the mechandise sales plus our normal transfer kitty? And why haven't we got the players that we need to really improve?

      The summers been a joke, and after the high's of THAT night in May, we suddenly feel deflated.

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      • you guys are a joke! honestly.... who knew we could have made it so far last season???????? i saw no complaints on istambul or after that! and now all of a sudden the team's a joke, rafa's a joke, the whole transfer window was a joke!! give me a break! have a little faith on the man and on the team, do you know anything about the youth signings??? have you given sisoko, zenden and crouch time to settle in??? NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO, so just keep it shut and let time tell!!! rafa knows what he's doing.... just give it time... if things don't work out they'll try to make it better in january, and if that doesen't work, there'll still be plenty of other seasons to make it better, or are you that sort of fan that only sticks around silverware or else...????

      • Why the depression? Because we are not scoring goals!!! Unless we start banging them in, we will be fighting for the 5th spot or play in that stupid Intertoto Cup next season.
        Good news that Morientes got injured - he should stay injured to present a lesser headache to Rafa in frontman selection.

    • Why the depression, your bloody european champions for gods sake! We've just spent £36m on a tempermental turk who likes a night out & a fight (so should fit in nicely), a striker who cost twice what he should and didnt want to come in the first place, a drunken jock, a decent geordie lad who couldnt make the grade 10 years ago!!!!....mind scott parker is a hell of a player.

      Never know we might win the daffy duck plastic cup before we follow Leeds down the road to ruin.

      Cant understand why the depression

    • Took the words out of my mouth. Whether it was botching the transfers or the failure to bring in new investment into the club (let's not forget the Thai fiasco and the Hollywood producers fiasco), Parry has been just inept. Let us bring in a new CEO who has new ideas for the club.

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      • I won't call bringing in the Thai investor or the Hollywood producer as investment, if anything, their involvement will destroy the club. To start off with, the so called Thai investment was nothing but a scam by a businessman with no track record in business and finance. He just wanted to pull off a quick deal financed by the Thai government.
        I don't envy Chelsea either. Just wait and see, once their sugar daddy got caught by the Russian government on tax fiddle or commercial crimes (these things happen all the time in Russia), Chelsea will go belly up. All their players will leave and the club will go down to D3.
        I think Rafa and, to a certain extent, Parry had done the right thing in not chasing players with an open cheque book. Sure there are good players around, but I think for the time being we should trust Rafa and let him gel the team together. Bringing in too many new players in one season can only be disruptive.

    • Well said-after champions league success we should have the perfect springboard to move onwards and up where we belong ie NOT 37 points behind !!! We nearly lose Gerard,swap Baros for Crouch,Sissoko looks promising but is cover for now -Zenden wasnt first choice for Boro on the wing -Downing plays there !!Complete humiliation in the transfer market-Hasnt it sunk in yet Mr ZZZZZZZZZZParry that there is a world of difference between the value of a player heading for a Bosman ang aiming to buy or steal one who is under contract ?????Looks like a hell of a battle for 4th this time round and Still struggling for goals !!!All I know about Mr Steve Morgan is that he knew it was time to rid the club of Houllier two years before it happened and he is a competent operator from his business record,make do and mend is all we see under the current regime-the fans and manager deserve better than the complacency and platitudes we are currently having to swallow !

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      • I dont think the problem is Rick Parry, the transfer market has become a joke ever since Chelsea have been splashing out ridiculious amounts of cash for average players just for the sake of getting them.

        the second thing is there arent that many real quality players out there right now, and the quality there is the top clubs wont let go for the top price.

        Zenden was a freebie so i think its a fair signing, i was dissapointed to see Baros leave considering last year we had 4 strikers and all were out.

        I think Rafa wud have bought a center back and right winger but then the whole Owen saga reared its head and he got pressured in to trying to bring him. I think Rafa was right to not throw the money away on a player that jumped out of Anfield at the first sight of a big club leaving us high and dry.

        Anyway its better to save the money rather then spend it unwisley on unproven players. I think we need to be more patient, Ill be happy with a fourth place finnish this year, i think Rafa needs time a lot more then just two seasons. Everton proved last year you dont always need big money to acheive things, also if you look back at what Arsen Wenger did at Arsenal you'd see he made a squad with out spending cash loads of money like Chelsea.

        I think we need to raise some home grown crop, after all thats what Liverpool are best for. Besides we still have the money to spend durring the next transfer window so not all is doom and gloom.