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    You have a World Class striker and you're not giving him a chance instead giving crappy beanpole Crouch the shirt.WAKE UP and do something before Djibril leaves and you realise how hard the Premier League can be without an ALREADY ESTABLISHED goalscorer!..

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    • Personally l have no problem with Cisse playing if Liverpool win at the end of the day. What l take exception to is him raising his concerns in the press and not to the manager. I also think it was totally uncalled for on his part to say he was better than Crouch, he might score more goals than Crouch but that does not make him better. Crouch does the job that has been assigned to him and its up to the other players to help.

      All that is called for is professionalism by Cisse, case in point Owen with all his faulty thinking never once publicly criticised the Real Madrid managers who constantly put him on the bench even though he scored every time he got on the field. No point in Cisse shouting his concerns to the rest of the world instead of to the person who matters (Rafa). And if only he would score when he comes on as a substitute, instead of keeping on harping about the Super Cup a long time ago. You cannot survive on past glories and as they say every dog has its day.

    • Rafa has to play cisse hes the best striker we have and would have a brilliant partnership with crouch if rafa gave them a chance to gel together

    • its unfair on crouch, every time he goes for a header he gets pulled up for a foul because it lokks like he is climbing all over the other player, with cisse rafa needs to playing him just behind crouch, his touch isnt that bad and he can do some nice flick-ons that will benefit crouch.

    • Look fellas I'm not saying that Crouch isn't worth the money he was paid for. I see the quality, for someone as lanky and tall as him, he uses his feet creatively, I'm saying that the formation is predictable. I've mentioned this on this forum before, but the moment the high ball comes in defenders are all over him. Case in point Liverpool v Chelsea, you didnt just have one defender marking him, Terry, Del Horno, Gallas and even the midfield could read the play. This is why I insist, that we have the players, so why not change the game. Dave, you make the point that 4-5-1 has merit maybe so, but still if we talk about rotation be fair and rotate and give everyone a fair chance. Rafa keeps defending Crouch and saying he believes in him, good and well, but if you keep praising one player in the press, the babies start crying and as I say if Cisse wants to cry let him cry as long as he nets them. Anyway that's my 5p....

    • dont get me wrong iam not a massive fan of 4-5-1 but i think Rafa is being judged on the formation he has used against man utd chelsea twice and real betis and spurs away. I think you will get your wish and have Rafa use 442 against teams at home who are not of the quality of Man utd and Chelsea. I think things will work themselves out and you will see the use of both formations with strikers either Crouch pongolle and morientes being used. My main concern is our lack of width we have no creativity out wide and teams are compressing the play. Rafa was right when he said we need a centre half and some width

    • I agree Crouch is getting some unwarrented criticism but with the 4-5-1 what is the point in a 6'7" striker flicking balls into an empty penalty box? he needs support and Cisse could give it to him. Lets at least try 4-4-2!

    • I honestly think that crouch is doing a good job for Liverpool especially when you realise that to have a 6ft 7inch striker it might be wise to drop the odd cross in the box occassionally for him to feed off. 4-5-1 means that midfielders have to break forward past crouch and feed off him the midfielders are not doing this! so surely they must be the ones criticised! Crouch is doing what has been asked hold the ball up and bring in midfielders then try and get yourself in the box for the pieces!. Rafa never signed Peter to score 30 goals a season although at present 1 would be nice, he signed him to do exactly what he is doing now! give it time is my opinion. As for Cisse dont get me started as far as iam concerned 14m is a utter joke and an expensive parting shot from Mr houllier. There is no place at the club for a big baby if he rufuses to speak to Rafa about his situation and then bleats to the french press who then chinese whisper it back to our media then he deserves all he gets Pongolle should get is chance!!. I do have a degree of sympathy for Cisse i was desparate for him to be a success because he has the flamboyant character that is so often missing in the game today and i love nothing more than a player with pace, but this is all he has a jazzy hair cut and a fast pair of legs, personally i would try and keep him till after the world cup hopefully he would score a hatful then we can try and get somewhere near what cheque book charlie houllier payed for him!

    • I hear you (ncubemelusi ) about how Cisse is a cry baby, but I figure if the boy can put them behind the nets, then I have a box of Kleenexes for every goal he scores. FSP, ABSOLUTELY GREAT player and I think that when Rafa speaks of rotation then he should consider rotating his game plan, one game 4-5-1 with Crouch and Garcia behind him, the next game 4-4-2 with Cisse and FSP heading the attack, this I think will give LFC the much needed lift. I swear if I see 4-5-1 with Crouch up front again this weekend and he cant find the net then I guess we need to start asking some serious questions about Rafa's much publicized football insight. P.S Thanks for the intelligent football discussion lad ;-)

    • thats just rubbish to be honest. ur saying that hes gotta be a 'team player' and wait his turn?

      why should he, rafa persists in playing crouch up front in a shitty 4-5-1 formation which clearly isnt gonna get a string of wins - indeed the draws that are amassing already show that.

      i think hes got every right to be pissed off, he scores twice in the super cup and has hardly seen action since. and the rest of the team couldnt hit the side of a barn atm never mind the goal.

      the fact that the topscorerlast year hit 13 last year considering the long run in the CL is a shocking indictment of how much liverpool are missing a decent hit man, and he comes up with crouch to solve this? madness.

      cisse for all his faults is still the best liverpool have at the moment. fast, powerful and knows how to score, something crouch is woefully inadequate at, especially at the top level

    • I agree absolutely with the writer. I have nothing against Peter Crouch but I think it is an insult of an immeasurable magnitude to allow him to play regularly whilst Cisse sits on the bench. Cisse is the best striker we have at the moment yet he is not allowed to play. No wonder we can't score goals and keep dropping points. Wake up Rafa and do the right thing starting this weekend. Otherwise, we could end up like our neighbours Everton at the end of the season fighting to stay in the Premiership.

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      • Rafa is about hard work and in order to play for his team you have to have a good work ethic and pull with the rest of the team. Cisse on the other hand likes to be molly coddled and have everyone else do the hard work and then spoon feed him. And then he scores. He does not mark or even challenge for the ball at all. In other words if Liverpool are not in possession of the ball he is a passenger. And spoon feeding him does not guarantee a goal either, remember how many chances he fluffed against Sunderland. We should have kept Baros and let Cisse go during the transfer window. He is just an expensive mistake. By the time Baros got sold he seemed to have finally grasped the importance of team play and unselfish play. Saw him the other match actually passing the ball to Kevin Phillips when he Baros was one on one with the keeper.

        The reason Cisse always scores for France is because they have creative players like Zidane and Thierry Henry and since We do not have any creative players at the moment, he is more a liability than an asset. Can you imagine him being a lone striker, he would hardly have any possession the whole 90 minutes. And it has got nothing to do with his size either, Andy Johnson played as a lone striker for Palace last season and scored more than 20 league goals. Its all about working hard.

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