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  • mel n mel n Oct 11, 2005 08:27 Flag


    Rafa is about hard work and in order to play for his team you have to have a good work ethic and pull with the rest of the team. Cisse on the other hand likes to be molly coddled and have everyone else do the hard work and then spoon feed him. And then he scores. He does not mark or even challenge for the ball at all. In other words if Liverpool are not in possession of the ball he is a passenger. And spoon feeding him does not guarantee a goal either, remember how many chances he fluffed against Sunderland. We should have kept Baros and let Cisse go during the transfer window. He is just an expensive mistake. By the time Baros got sold he seemed to have finally grasped the importance of team play and unselfish play. Saw him the other match actually passing the ball to Kevin Phillips when he Baros was one on one with the keeper.

    The reason Cisse always scores for France is because they have creative players like Zidane and Thierry Henry and since We do not have any creative players at the moment, he is more a liability than an asset. Can you imagine him being a lone striker, he would hardly have any possession the whole 90 minutes. And it has got nothing to do with his size either, Andy Johnson played as a lone striker for Palace last season and scored more than 20 league goals. Its all about working hard.

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    • Completely disagree. Cissé did score for France against Switzerland despite the bad performance of the midfielders. Of course, you may argue that it was mainly due to the mistake of the Swit defense, but still by exploiting this opportunity, he shows he is a world class striker (not sure that many strikers would have taken that opportunity).

      Question: at Auxerre, how many goals did he get a season? 24 for 38 league matches! Did Auxerre have midfielders such as Gerrard? No...
      I think the main job of a striker is about putting/helping to put the ball in the net. Of course, it's better he can also work harder for the team. That's the job of the manager to make him defend...
      Do you want to have a striker that can score goals or a striker that mainly help the midfields to defend? Crouch may work harder but at the end of the day, he hasn't scored a single goal. No goals, no win, ==> less than 1 point per match.
      BTW, you can say exactly the same of Ruud, Trezeguet... like Cissé, they are not Thierry Henry who can do almost anything (scores, assists...), they may just be opportunistic and sometime almost never touch a ball, but they score very often...
      So, there's no doubt that Rafa should play Cissé. The longer he waits and sticks with Crouch, the worse it will get for the club.

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      • I disagree as well Cisse is a much better player all round than Crouch, but there is no need for there to be a problem play both! Lets see two strikers at least for home games.
        As for there individual records bearing in mind his horrific injury and this total includes substitutions and playing on the half his games as a winger:
        1st team games: 40
        1st team goals: 12

        1st team games: 8
        1st team goals: 0

        Speaks for itself if you ask me!