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  • carlton carlton Nov 23, 2005 05:06 Flag

    Michael Owen or Peter Crouch

    Michael Owen or Peter Crouch, which would you have bought?
    I dont care if peter crouch is at liverpool and not scoring goals. liverpool wasted £7 million pounds on him and could have saved that and maybe bought back michael owen. crouch has been at liverpool for some time now and done what exactly? michael comes back from spain and scores in his first match. now do you buy a striker to score goals which is what he is meant to do or do you buy a striker to be.....more of a hindrense player. How many goals has peter crouch score =0
    how many goals has michael owen scored......ooooo lets see quite a few. draw your own conclusions people but i buy a striker to do his job and put that bloody ball in the net. I would have prefered to keep baros who has some pace oh and has scored goals for villa strange that. £7 million wasted. hey rafa please buy a couple of well known decent players.

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    • Can I be honest guys. I am not even a liverpool supporter. but if there is one team that i really like in the premiership its liverpool . for years now they have underachieved apart from 2001 when they won 5 cups. Its just that i would have liked to have seen if liverpool could have been BETTER if they bought Michael. Its neither hear and there anyhow. Crouch is in the team and thats it. I want to see Liverpool kicking ass. Maybe its just frustartion!!

    • For £7 million? Owen
      For a world-class striker? Owen
      For a team player? Crouch
      To win the Carling Cup? Owen
      To win the FA Cup? Crouch
      To win the European's Super cup? Crouch
      To win the World Club Championships? Crouch
      To win the Premiership? Crouch
      To defend the Champion's League? Crouch

    • Why bother asking a question if you are going to answer it yourself?

      The bottom line is Liverpool are playing better this season with Crouch in the team than last season when he was not. And as long as the team is winning and Crouch is contributing to the success, he can go 50 games without a goal for all l care. The difference between Owen and Crouch is that Crouch is mainly a provider and owen is a finisher. And in order for Owen to finish he needs a provider like Crouch, which is exactly what Crouch is doing for Liverpool.

      Football is not all about pace, if that was the case all teams would be buying the likes of Linford Christie, Maurice Green etc. Its about talent, brains and skill and if you are lucky enough to possess speed as well, its an added bonus. Did the likes of Ian Rush, John Barnes have great speed? But this never hindered them from being Liverpool legends.

      Well if you love Owen so much, you know which team he plays for now and l hear they are looking for more supporters. There they worship their strikers like gods and yet have nothing to show for it. Go Crouch.

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      • Now, now ladies clam down please. Carlton mate, in all fairness this Owen/Crouch is getting well frankly tired man. Yes Crouch isn't scoring but like Ncubemelusi is saying we're playing good football. I mean why dont I see people on these boards praising our achievements, like WOW! Cisse and Nando scored again. Great come back from Bolo on that rebound. Nice work in creating Nando's goal there Crouch. You sound almost as bad as the other teams' fans man.

        As supporters that's how we need to do it. We acknowledge when things ain't going too well, but always and forever support our boys.