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  • Kuen Kuen Nov 25, 2005 09:40 Flag

    Michael Owen or Peter Crouch

    I don't think Owen and Crouch should be exclusive. They can partner very well, together with Rooney for England. It would be great if both of them play for Liverpool.

    Remember Crouch was in Liverpool to replace Baros, not Owen. On that note, I would prefer to have sold Nando but to retain Baros.

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    • Football is a team game. Of course I would like to see our strikers banging them in day in day out, but you must look at the team as a whole. Owen is a great goal scorer, there is no doubt about it and he has proven his ability in Real, England and now Newcastle. But as team player, I think Crouch is a far better player. With a guy like him upfront, the team looks dangerous whenever a corner,free kick or just a steaming pass gets into the box. I don't know about you, I prefer to spend 7m on Crouch than 17m on Owen, period.

    • I dont know so much about keeping Baros he really frustrated me last season. So he was top scorer in Euro 2004, but when he played for LFC he just didn't do it. How many times did we see him with keeper to beat and he would send that ball all over the show. Nando, took some time, but his form is coming back. So for me I think we're looking pretty solid.

      Carlton, thanks for not being a dick like some of the other non-LFC supporters who come here and some of the LFC supporters who to other teams boards.