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  • Elrik M Elrik M Nov 24, 2005 19:25 Flag

    Fluke Continues?

    Well here we are again in the last 16 in Europe, its amazing how much luck one team can have isn't it. After all we won it last year and now this poor team (according to other teams supporters) has managed to qualify into Europe's elite teams yet again. Long may the "Fluke" continue I say!

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    • Have you ever thought that maybe the team is a bit better than we all give them credit for? After all winning the chanopins league cannot be a fluke when you came from 3 goals down to win the finals! Clearly though lfc are either more suited for the champions league game or they just get ver focused during those games. Keep in mind though that the real tough games start in the round of 16 and beyond.
      We've got to play the ball a bit more on the ground though. Too much long ball in the air; that is too predictable. I think only then will we be able to challenge the big boys for the EPL.

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      • The team is definitely far better than last year, just look at our records, we have kept a clean sheet for 5 games continuously, 15 out of 24 since start of season, vs only 18 out of the entire last season. We should be challenging the 2nd spot this season, with MU and Arsenal fading away. Celsea will run out of money next year at the rate they spend, so they are not even in the equation.

    • in deed only problem is cisse isnt starting and it looks as if he is going to leave in january.