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    Who do you hate the most?

    Which team do you hate the most; Man utd, Chelski or even Everton? I think chelsea are almost as hated now as much as Lfc fans have ever hated anyone. Personally I willl always hate man utd. Chelsea are just like an irratating itch you just want to get rid of because you can't stand it

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    • I would have to say Man Utd at the minute and always come to that, even though the manager is a hell of a manager, his mouth gets right up my nose, so to speak, they play good football and have good players but there is this deep routed rivalry, that is in every Liverpool and Man Utd supporter, we are better than them, won more cups in total and will always have the first division championship record, be the most successful English/ British club in European cup history and when we start to get it all back on track again the gap will widen even further. It must be a daunting thought for all you non-Liverpool supporters knowing that even though we havent been as good as the "BIG" teams of late, we won our fair share of cups, look out when we are ruling the roost you wont stand a chance,Liverpool for ever. :)

    • well said couldn't have put it better myself

    • As liverpool fans we 'hate' man u. we also hate everton. but not to the extent that we now hate chelsea because at least they had heart and passion like we do. (there were some band wagon riders with utd tho)
      But it is not enough for chelsea to have an owner who would buy them a whole new team each year. they then have an asshole manager who has said it himself that he is 'god' and can be so arrogant on the sidelines(league cup final). Chelsea fans now think that their sucsess is due to their teams hard work.
      That is why we now hate chelsea so.

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      • I can't agree michaelowen-10-17, we all dislike Man U, but when you think of it, if they were removed from football, along with arsenal and everton, and others we dislike, the league would definitely be ALOT less interesting, it would be empty without them, the best sight in football used always be watching the United keeper lifting the ball out of the net (especially Schmiechal!), so even though we dislike them, there is still pleasure in watching their games and following their fortunes (or misfortunes hopefully). We can't say the same about Chelski, if they were removed from football none of us would miss them. I have no interest in watching them at all, just want them to p***-off out of football. I hate them in a way I never hated United.

    • with a game in hand u forgot to mention!
      and by finishing so far behind u how is it that we come out of the season with a better prize? ok maybe it was fluke, but home and away versus chelsea, juventus, and bayer leverkusen, then coming back from 3 0 down to win against milan. I think not!!!!
      This long hard run could possibly explain our poor league form. But its different this time around and somehow i think itl be a lot closer.

    • I h8 chelski
      they fink they cn buy any1, evn stevie g!!! Lol
      mourinho is a class manager at a terrible team, wivout abramorich theyd be no where
      cum on ambramomich (or wateva ur name is) ... Cum 2 liverpool - world champions 2 be, leave chelsea- bankrupt 2 be!!!

    • We all dislike Man U, but do we really Hate them, can't say it is true because we all still like to watch them play and the Premiership is definitely alot better with Man U in it. I can say I hate Chelski, the premieship would be alot better without them, I liked them under Hoddle, Gullit and Viali, but since their russian owner took over I have hated them and that has intensified since we have learned what a creep their mananger is. I never thought I would dislike a club more than Man U (well Real Madrid I dislike alot also!!!) but I hate Chelski, it was sick to watch them win last year.

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      • I must agree, I don't like Man United, but still enjoy watching their games, hoping to see them defeated, makes the league alot more interesting with Man United and Arsenal and other good rivals. I hate Chelski, a soulless team that doesn't really mean anything, Abramovich is showing how he can throw away millions of pounds of money he stole from the suffering russian people. It is all a drop in the ocean to him, he is having a very negative impact on football. I am no longer an A.B.U. and was happy when United beat Chelski few weeks back. The first time EVER that I wanted United to win, I never thought it would be possible. I am hoping Chelski won't win the European Championships, that really would be terrible for football.

      • You Hate Chelsea or you hate the idea of what money and the power that brings can do to a respectful, if competitive, game? This is regardless of which team it is.


    • Everyone hates Danny, because he's alway's masturbating over his spell-check.

    • sorry danny forgot about you as well

    • chris we dont hate chelsea just you

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