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  • Jim Jim Dec 16, 2005 09:09 Flag

    Essien only banned for 2 Matches!

    I can't believe it, not only does he get off scott free the first time, but now he gets a 2 match ban!!!

    That was the kind of tackle that could end a career.

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    • you can see so clearly the intent in that tackle...these people are legalising G.B.H.....2 matches is pathetic

    • The guy should have been treated like a drug addict (aka. junkies Ferdinand, Stam, Xavier etc.) and got at least a 6 month ban. But typical Chelsea, they all came out after the game saying that Liverpool were flying in with dangerous tackles all game and of course Mourinho saw nothing wrong with it. The whole lot of them are so full of shit

    • No, but they tell me that you sucked his dick.

    • There is no point into discussing drug-taking in sport with you. You obviously have your eyes closed to it. Most people are aware that the drug-tests are not very effective in the first place, they mostly don't even test for the substances they should be testing for, they are very easy to cheat, they people responsible for the testing mostly don't want to catch anyone because it is bad news for their sport to have a positive, andit is so easy to cheat, all the athletes have found so many ways of cheating, so many ways from simply giving old clean urine that they saved for such tests, giving a hair sample later doesn't mean anything. Rio avoided that test. You are GULLIBLE if you think he forgot. All the athletes who are under suspicion from irregularities in a drug-test come up with one lame excuse or another. I don't want to discuss with you further as it is pointless, you will defend Rio no mather what. Considering he didn't actually take that test at the time he should have, you will never know what was in his system, so you can't know he was clean, and as for his hair showing what was in his system up to 6 months later, that is total bullshit. There are other drugs which are taken which will immediatetly mask all traces of anything which might have showed. GULLIBLE, and if you write anymore on this subject I will ignore it. However some of your other comments are interesting, so lets just discuss another subject, i am not going to read your reply here.

    • A little research!!!!!!! I gave a few years researching drug-testing in sport, now I don't want to discuss this further, it is obviously totally pointless, even if an athlete actually tests positive he will still have fans like you who proclaim his innocence.