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  • jono jono Dec 16, 2005 19:29 Flag


    should be a walk in the park

    but thats what united thought

    what you reckon???

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    • People may expect a walk in the park but I don't think it'll be like that. I'm predicting we'll win over the 2 legs...but I think we'll have to win a couple of game before hand to keep the nerves on ease.

    • I agree with you mate, in hindsight we did get off very lightly, I think the ref did not want to slow down the tempo of the game because although there was only one goal, it was played at a very high tempo. But I do agree we did get off very very lightly.

      Bad luck about the world champ today, I have to say, you reds were hard done by and for what it's worth, Pongolle was definitely not offside abd neither were your other two chances - a case of dodgy refereeing.

      Anyway friend good luck with the rest of the prem and the CL and I can only hope to see you lot in the final. it will not be easy to get past Barcelona but we managed to do it last year, so it is certainly not beyond us.

    • its not going to be easy....man utd thought that and look what happened to them.....but we are better than them anyway

    • I know, I know, I am bitter what can I say, sour grapes and all. You lot have now won Europe 5 times, give other teams a chance, no? Looking forward to another showdown, Merry Christmas buddy.

    • nwobodoike ... thanks for your kind words relating to rafa's dad and i'm sure you'll agree with me when i say that we wish rafa's dad a good send off and hopefully he'll be looking down on his son come sunday.

      it is a breath of fresh air to read constructive comments coming form a chelsea fan. a few of my mate are chelsea fans and they seem to not understand what football is all about. conversation with them about anything to do with football seems to revolve round money. for example, one of them was saying that steven gerrard had no intention of leaving liverpool in the summer but was holding out to the lkast minute to get as best a deal on his new contarct as possible. he didn't seem undersatnd the passion behind the game. however when you take into account that he only come out of his shell about supporting chelsea in the last 3 odd years then you begin to understand.

      i assume from your objective and constructive view of the game, that you have been a 'true' supporter for some time.

      But my point that i wanted to raise was about that goal. you say that you would have settled for a penalty and chech sending off. if the letter of the law was strictly followed, then chech should have been sent off anyway. the ref had seen the foul but played advantage in which garcia scored (or not, but that is a different topic). how many times have we seen players get booked for a foul after advantage was played. surely the same should have applied in this case. I know it has been proven that the ball never crossed the line, but in hindsight, i think you got of lightly.

      anyway, i'm looking forward to the next round of the CL. chelsea v barca is a mouth watering prospect. hopefully it won't be played on the same day as the liverpool game.

      good luck my friend.

      ps. excuse the spelling and lack of capital letters at the begining of sentences. i'm rushing this through so that i can go home.

    • keep up the constructive comments. knowledgeable football chat is what these message boards are about. although, you will sound plain crazy if you cannot agree that we deserved to beat to beat CFC over both legs, we were clearly the better team (to say we only deserved to win the final,not the semi, just sounds like the same old sour grapes that we are used to hearing from mourinho)
      merry christmas dude !

    • my best wishes for Rafa do relate to the death of his dad and his commitments to the reds to Japan cannot be qustioned, I do hope you lot win this weekend for Rafa at the very least.

      I might still be bitter over the goal but as you would have seen in an earlier thread by myself I conceeded that although we "lost" to you in the semi-final, you lot deserved to win the final. I supported you lot in the final and after all the screaming in the pub, I lost my voice and drank just as much as my liverpudlian mates. The final was good for English football and you lot deserved to win it. Take no notice of any Chelsea fan who says otherwise. Although, for me that goal each time I remember it is too bitter a pill to swallow and if the tables were turned can you honestly tell me you would not feel the same? If indeed you would'nt, then you are a better man than me.

      ps. You also make my now growing list of objective Liverpool fans with eddb, nclumbesi, chucky and lokihermes. I look forward to chatting football with you lot.

      Good luck this wknd:)

    • It could have been a lot worse, but don't start counting chickens there are no easy teams at this stage of the competition.

    • Naturally we will do what man ure couldn't - Its Piri Piri on the menu boys!

    • Praying Barca humiliate the loathesome, disgusting Chelski

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