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    credit to the united supporters

    I hadn't thought of it this way before, but after reading alot of the comments on all the boards of various clubs I have had time to reflect maturely on the situation in football today. I must give alot of credit to all the Mancs who put up a fight against the takeover situation, they wanted to stand on your own feet and hold onto a club they could be proud of, they didn't want to be part of the NFL. I hadn't given them credit before. When I think now of how we at Chelsea all rolled over and started sucking russian cock, it is very shameful. Even their prawnies have now moved to Stamford Bridge for christs-sakes. I have become embarrassed about the issue now and I have a new found respect for the Mancs. We should have shown more courage and not sold out, especially now when we think of where all that money came from. We all know the origins of that cash, and god help those in Russia who have suffered and continue to suffer while we throw away millions of their roubles without a care as to their situation. We all know the russian people were raped by the authorities and the oligarchs there. It is a terrible story and when you consider the average wage there is pitiful and the russian people have so little, are struggling to survive on a few dollars each week while we at Chelsea have shown no thought for thier plight. That money is disgusting, it is tainted. I hope we can make a better stand and fight to win our club back from russian mafia.
    Respect to all of you true supporters of english football, and I hope we can start to bring some form of ethics back to Chelsea and hopefully people won't hate us so much in the future. God Bless you all

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