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  • WILLIAM WILLIAM Dec 21, 2005 01:36 Flag

    Essien lying through his teeth

    has anyone else seen essien's comment that hes not a dirty player and has never intentionaly gone out to injure anybody.what a callous,bare-faced lying twat.when his foot connected with hamman's leg it was not and had never been anywhere near the ball.his foot went exactly where it was meant to go.put simply hes a lying , cheating conniving bastard who should be banned for months

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    • I agree since Mourinho arrived, there has been a lot more time wasting, diving etc But it is not only common to Chelsea, every team in the top flight does it! Man U? For the last 10 odd yrs or so they have consistently cheated in almost every game. Van cheating Roy? A fair amount of his goals have been from offside positions, he exaggerates every tackle and screams for prnalty kicks. Ronaldo? the slightest tackle and we get another display of aerodynamics, we are talking competing with planes for air space. And Arsenal? Was it not during their invincible season that they committed the most fouls in the league, more than half of which they did not get booked for with Wenger claiming he did not see. What about Wigan, two weeks ago, I think it was McCulloch who got tackled tried to make a meal of it and when the ref refused to buy, he got up and walked on as if nothing happened. The time wasting has increased under Mourinho, yes, but it is not common only to Chelsea.

      On the second goal incident, the player concerned was Lauren and he was not fouled by Cole, he could not control the ball and it was generally agreed that he used the wrong foot to try to control the ball - as it was an aerial midfield pass to Cole by Lampard - because he was playing out of position - he is not a left back - resulting in his slip and giving Cole the chance to break away, that in no way was a foul by Cole.

    • your rite he nearly ended didis career ban him for 20 games

    • Im a red, and agree it was a bad challenge. But!, all players lose it from time to time.
      As an old man lol i remember Souness making a similar challenge on a player in a European game for us. He got away with it.
      Guess what im trying to say is theres nothing we can do so it really aint worth getting upset over it.
      The better we get the more teams will try and kick us off the field. this seasons looking good, come on boys

    • Yea, I saw that. I saw some of his tackles and yea, they are dirty. You're trying to stop the ball and player not maim them. He deserves the suspension and if he keeps this up then he's in for a longer suspension.

    • yes, i think the camera angle from behind him shows that his foot was travelling in the opposite direction to the ball.
      he was'nt interested in the ball, if he had been he'd have tackled gerrard cause it was at his feet not hammans.

      but do you expect him to say he meant it, after all, he does play for chelsea.
      joe cole on sunday pretending sol campbell hit him in the face with an arm, drogba trying to get people sent off every time chelsea were awarded a foul and robben sprinting across to the other side of the pitch when he found out he was being subbed, so he could walk off slowly and waste some time.

      these are just some of the reasons that that people don't like chelsea.

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      • What? were we all watching the same game? Replays showed that Campbell ELBOWED Cole, now I am not saying that it was intentional but Cole was elbowed by Campbell! and Senderos? he was pulling Drogba's shirt back in the penalty box and that my friends is a red card offence, again replays showed that Senderos was tugging at Drogba's shirt. Senderos's tackle on Robben, again another red card but he only got a yellow.

        Yoy lot need to be consistent, because had Essien committed any one of Senderos's fouls on Gerrad, Garcia or any other one of your players, you would all be screaming bloo*y murder right now, but because those tackles were against Chelsea, suddenly they are not fouls and Chelsea are cheating.

        I agree Essien needs to tone down and Mourinho needs to have a word with him and that is without question but you lot need to be intelligent enough in your opinions to give objective and unbiased views on the game.