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  • Ike N Ike N Dec 21, 2005 05:15 Flag

    Essien lying through his teeth

    What? were we all watching the same game? Replays showed that Campbell ELBOWED Cole, now I am not saying that it was intentional but Cole was elbowed by Campbell! and Senderos? he was pulling Drogba's shirt back in the penalty box and that my friends is a red card offence, again replays showed that Senderos was tugging at Drogba's shirt. Senderos's tackle on Robben, again another red card but he only got a yellow.

    Yoy lot need to be consistent, because had Essien committed any one of Senderos's fouls on Gerrad, Garcia or any other one of your players, you would all be screaming bloo*y murder right now, but because those tackles were against Chelsea, suddenly they are not fouls and Chelsea are cheating.

    I agree Essien needs to tone down and Mourinho needs to have a word with him and that is without question but you lot need to be intelligent enough in your opinions to give objective and unbiased views on the game.

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    • sorry nwobodoike mate

      i have to disagree, campbell put his arms out to protect the ball and his arms were no higher than coles lower chest.
      to go down holding his jaw mate is, i'm afraid cheating. even after treatment he stood up still rubbing his jaw and moaning to rob styles, "Fuckin hell rob" were the words he used. cant' really comment on the sendaros thing, i did'nt see it cause i only saw some of the second half.

      if any player commits a foul against one of your own players you would be screaming blue murder. the point that is being made is not because it was essien, but because it was a bad tackle.
      regardless of who it is or who he played for it was disgraceful and frankly i was surprised that he only got a 2 match ban. if you hit someone like that on a night out in the highstreet, you'd be loooking at being banned from society for 18 months.
      in his defence we all do stupid things while playing football and liverpool have had their share in the past. i have seen steven gerrard and didi hamman put tackles in like that, and there is no bigger repeat offender than diouf. lets hope that essien learns from it and he becomes a better player as a result.

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      • Edd, I agree and I have pointed out on earlier threads that Essien should have been sent off in the Liverpool game for it was a red card offence.

        My reply was to the posts on this thread and it beggars belief because Senderos tugging at Drogba's shirt, denying him a goal scoring opportunity IS a red card AND a sending off and if you watched the replays on Sky, you will see that he was indeed tugging at the shirt of Drogba. Lehman holding onto Drogba's arm, again in the box is A red card and a penalty and a sending off - I seem to remember a similar incident in a certain semifinal last year:) - and what about Senderos's tackle on Robben? That my friend WAS another red card.

        Now I am not whinging about the game because we won it, and Arsenal as do you mate have to conceed that they were beaten by the better team on the day. My grievance was as to the earlier posts on this thread that suggested that we were cheating and trying to make a meal of the situation, I think someone suggested that Robben etc were all cheating, which is why I posed the question that had Essien committed the fouls that Senderos committed on Drogba and Robben on anyone of your players, would you lot not be screaming foul play?

        The point that I am trying to raise here is not one of foul play as the game on sunday was played at a very high pace but one of consistency. I don't think it is fair to say that Robben, Cole, Lampard etc were cheating, since if we were playing against you lot and committed Senderos's fouls on your players, you would be demanding retribution.