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  • Don Don Dec 21, 2005 07:19 Flag

    They say we were lucky???

    PART 1

    A new little Johny asking his dad story ...
    The year is 2027 and little bluenose Duncan is talking to his bluenose Dad.
    SON "Dad, my mates in school told me that Liverpool won the European Cup for the 5th time in 2027 - are they right dad?
    DAD "Yes son, it's true, but they were dead lucky son, all the way through the tournament"
    SON "Why dad?"
    DAD "Well in the group stages ....."
    SON "What dad, did they have a team from Azerbaijan, Israel, and Ireland in their group?"
    DAD "Well no, they had Monaco, Deportivo la Coruna, and Olympiakos"
    SON "Well they still sound like 3 easy teams to me dad"
    DAD "Actually Monaco reached the final the year before, Olympiakos had won their league 7 times out of the previous 8 seasons, and Deportivo finished above the galacticos of Real Madrid in their league" .
    SON "Jeez dad, that sounds like quite a difficult group then".
    DAD "yeh I suppose your right son, but they were still lucky - it took a mi**** shot by Gerrard against Olympiakos to get through".
    SON "oh is that the goal were your hero Andy Gray goes berserk shouting" you beauty, you beauty, what a hit son, what a hit!!!!"
    DAD "yes son it is"
    SON "oh ok. Well what happened in the last 16 dad, who did they draw?> ">
    DAD "Bayer Leverkusen"


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