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  • IN: Kuyt, Kompany, Simao, Gonzalez, Martin (MK Dons goalie)

    OUT: Josemi (hooray!), Dudek, Kirkland, Traore, Cisse, Potter (loan), Flo (loan)

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    • I think for the most part - those players would make great signings. But let's be real about a few things.

      Kuyt - an animal, great pace, strength and technique - certain to get 15-20 a season but, his club wouldn't even consider selling at the moment.

      Kompany - a great prospect for the future but his age shows up in the way he plays. He does make silly mistakes, while they are rare, they can cost - just like Warnock's in Japan.

      Simao- we all know how good this guy is. Great all round player and deadly at set pieces. He would join at a decent price but his club won't sell in Jan, considering we'll be facing them in Europe.

      Gonzalez - Lightening pace and great skill, loves to take on defenders - a great winger. He's left footed but can play on the right. However, won't come in Jan - the agreement between the clubs states he will finish the season in Spain then move in June.

      Martin - Another good prospect. Glad to see Rafa buying British.

      Josemi and Traore - We need players who will work hard to improve their games and are willing to be squad players and wait their turn. These guys fit the bill. I'd rather they stay and fill in on Cup days.

      Dudek and Kirky - Both likely to move for first team football.

      Potter and Flo - I agree they both need a bit of experience and loans would be good.

      Cisse - Doesn't want to leave and heaven forbid we end up with another injury crisis, what would we do..? We need to keep him for the extra dimension he adds. Unlikely to move unless Parry recieves a massive bid - above £20 mil.

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      • There is no way Cisse is going to wait for an injury crisis to occur before he gets a chance to play. He is definitely one player who will be leaving in January. Rafa was already talking up selling him in August when the Owen saga was unfolding and after his recent indiscretions, i.e threats about leaving in January if he does not play regularly and his insolence at Man City, Rafa has lost patience with him. Moreover he does not fit the stlye of play that Rafa expects of his strikers. As for 20million pounds asking price, there is no club in the world that would pay that much for Cisse, Henry, Trezeguet, yes, Cisse, never. I will not be surprised if he goes for less than 10million pounds.

        Of our targets, Kuyt is the man. If we can get him then we can forget about striking woes. Simao's club want too much for him and there is no point paying exorbitant price for a player who will not take part in the Champions League.