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  • Ricky Y Ricky Y Dec 23, 2005 10:54 Flag

    January signings

    Agree, Cisse will leave in Jan. Forget about his goal scoring ability, I am more concern about his attitude. His primadonna thinking does not fit into the team. I will be happy to get 12m from Lyon and use the proceed to buy Kuyt. But for long term and providing if we have the resources, I will go for Simao as well. Fair enough he is cup-tied for the CL, but he can contribute in the EPL. I still think Morientes is a surplus come next season, but since we are lacking strikers who can play in the CL, we have to keep him for the time being.

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    • I think there is a need to get a good central defenders to cover jamie and hyypia. Kompany is likely to be Chelsea-bound. If Cisse gets his ego in control, then he is a good asset to the team. I am looking forwards to this Gonzales guy. Haven't seen him play, but sounds like an exciting prospect.
      Any chance Owen quit Newcastle to join Liverpool? The unexpected can still happen. This is football!