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  • Ricky Y Ricky Y Dec 27, 2005 16:19 Flag

    Crouch as a defender

    I rate highly of Crouch. I believe we would have won the World Club had he started from the beginning, instead of playing just the last 7 minutes. He is defintely a team player. See the first goal he laid up for Gerrard? Superb touch for a tall man, and he is doing that every game. I said it before, and I'll repeat, Crouch is a player who can draw away defenders, allowing our attacking mid-field to bang in the goals. So far this season, how many goals are scored by our midfield players? I lost count, but that is nothing to do with our strikers' ineffectiveness, rather, it is because they are doing a fine job drawing away defenders, thus creating space for Derrard, Garcia, Alonso, .... At 7m, he is the bargain of the century. I won't be surprised if Roman will write out a cheque for 20m to lure him to Chelsea.