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  • Crouch as a defender.He's so tall.He can head the ball awaw for their opponent to not score when the opponent crosses the ball into the penalty box.

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    • can you imagine a team of 11 crouch's

    • Although allowing for two goals conceded, does that make you MINUS 33.33% better, in other words 33.33% worse???

    • Very possiple.When I watch the England vs Austria match,I saw Crouch and Owen,Crouch was much taller than Owen.

    • Why dont u suppoprt us dudeyour always here and its seems like you enjoy talking to us all the time. So why not we have much better history and talk of tales of old and some of the great playuers of old and stuff like that. We could even watch the re-run of the last champions league and some of them old i know but other league titles we won i got a ten mins highlight of chelskis achivments here we watch that to have a laugh and you say oh me silly me i acted like we have dominated english football for over 10 years like the other guys.

      p.s i will be posting this soon champions league you're having laugh champions league you're having laugh. Merry xmas dude just dont be bitter all the time and winding people up it seems so stupid but the offers there anytime watching footie etc.. Take it easy and a happy new year.

    • I rate highly of Crouch. I believe we would have won the World Club had he started from the beginning, instead of playing just the last 7 minutes. He is defintely a team player. See the first goal he laid up for Gerrard? Superb touch for a tall man, and he is doing that every game. I said it before, and I'll repeat, Crouch is a player who can draw away defenders, allowing our attacking mid-field to bang in the goals. So far this season, how many goals are scored by our midfield players? I lost count, but that is nothing to do with our strikers' ineffectiveness, rather, it is because they are doing a fine job drawing away defenders, thus creating space for Derrard, Garcia, Alonso, .... At 7m, he is the bargain of the century. I won't be surprised if Roman will write out a cheque for 20m to lure him to Chelsea.