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    Fans Had Right To Boo Owen.

    All Liverpool fans worshipped Michael Owen, to us he was a demi-god, a scouser to whom all our hopes on future glory rested. We had just gotten rid of a terrible coach, bought a fiery and free scoring French striker for 14million pounds to partner Owen and on top of that had just engaged the best coach available. We were all filled with optimism for the future.

    And how did Mr Owen reward us for all our adulation and expectations for future glory, he decides to leave the club in search of success and trophies in Spain. The threat of losing him for free like Steve Macnamanan prompts the club to sell him for a song. Well at least he was going overseas, where we would not have to see him every week and get reminded of his betrayal.

    Things do not quite work out for him in the promised land, the team he hoped would win him trophies turns out to be trash and best of all they do not want him. In the meantime we have won the European Cup without him. And then he gets a second chance at redemption, he wants to come back home. We are willing to forgive him, but we are not willing to buy him him back for twice what we got for him. He has a choice, either he takes a stand and tell Real Madrid the only english team he would rather play for is Liverpool and remain on the bench at least until January or join hopeless Newcastle, a team so stupid with money they bought a certain useless Jean Alain Boumsong for 8million pounds. And what does egotistical Owen do, he puts his self interests above everything else again as always and opts to become a Geordie. A team so useless the best they can ever hope to achieve is reach the semi finals of the Intertoto Cup. And for all those betrayals we are supposed to give him a standing ovation when he comes back to Anfield, to try and beat us. Please give us a break, we are good people but we are not saints.

    For all the betrayals and anguish Owen put us through, boos are the least of his worries. We were just reminding him how stupid he has been. Betrayal is painful but when its perptrated by someone you love, worship and adore the pain is magnified ten fold. Next we will be asked to celebrate him scoring against us.

    What Owen did is plunge a dagger to all the hearts of the Reds fans and every goal he scores for Newcastle makes sure the wound stays fresh. Robbie Fowler, Kevin Keegan, John Barnes, Ian Rush and all the other greats will get a standing ovation when they come to Anfield. Owen at this moment in time will not. But should he come back to his senses and come back home, boos are all he is going to get, we might not even want him back.

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    • https://www.youtube.com/watch.php?v=2_ZFm_T2tyc&search=owen%20liverpool

      Please check out this link, we aren't happy about Owen leaving, or the choices he made since, he should have given Rafa a chance, but lets not show him too much disrespect either, he is a very good goal-scorer and he would still be a great addition to the team if he ever returns

    • actually i have 5 but only use 3 - sorry to upstage you again.

    • ooh raesten - no need to shout, for someone that never gets wound up .... calm down calm down little fishy.


      3ids actually - heh heh - your 'it' !!!

    • Owen left the club to join in his words "The greatest team in the world"
      That was his choice, and a very wrong one.
      He cost our club around £10 million in lost transfer fees because he messed about signing his contract for 18 months.
      I have no sympathy for him whatsoever when he got boo'd at the newcraple game.
      No player including him is bigger than the club. He scored a lot of goals and won trophies for us, but the club also did a lot for him financially and personally.
      He will never achieve at newcraple, he needs a squad of players around him to do that.
      It would be be great to have him back at LFC but not at the added cost of what he was sold for.
      To all you chavski and manure fans who come onto the Liverpool boards cos your boards are so crap like your squads, watch out, the red men are on the march.

    • if we don`t buy him in january, then we`ll get him in the summer.remember he has a clause in his contract that allows him to speak to any club offering 10 million. but we need to move quick becouse this lad is an exceptional goalscorer, at any level, and he will prove this in germany, so rafa, please move sooner rather than later, becouse after the world cup the only team who will be able to afford him will be real madrid (ha ha).
      boo him..............how very dare you
      rob, old swan

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      • I put my faith in Rafa, it will be up to him whether he wants to bring Owen back in the summer should the opportunity arise. Don't forget, there are more than 1 strikers out there, Kuyt for one is as highly rated, if not more, than Owen. Also Defoe, he has similar attributes as Owen. My first choce will be Kuyt, then Defoe. As for Owen, I will only want to bring him back at below 7m - there is something call depreciation and Owen is becoming an asset declining in value as well as useful life.

    • I pretty much agree -- except he's not a scouser. He's from Chester. I definitely wouldn't boo Owen at Anfield, but I wouldn't give him a standing ovation either.

    • I completely agree with everything you say. I am told all the time that I am bitter about Owen leaving the best club in EUROPE, but he said he was staying only 2 days before he did a u turn and left, I could not bring myself to watch Real Madrid and became a Barcelona fan as a result of him joining them. What goes around comes around!!!!!!

    • Yeah, and the rest! The English club going furthest in the CL this season will be wearing red, and it won't be the gunners. Never mind, we might let you share our success, again!

    • Absolutely not, the 'Pool will go all the way again! Though I don't mind facing Chelski again - if you get that far! Then we can put the dispute to bed once and for all! You won't get me agreeing with you, nice try though! As for the other sites, they've not much to talk about have they, losers! I went for a sneaky peak earlier, nearly fell asleep, had to come back to some real ball talk, but came across you... agin!

    • Hard earned our success, hard earned, and even with your billions you can't buy our (or others) success so quickly - takes years to achieve what we have got. So Chelski will need to try much harder for longer I'm afraid! Were the other boards not playing with you tonight or are you pestering them too?

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