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  • mel n mel n Dec 29, 2005 07:51 Flag

    Fans Had Right To Boo Owen.

    Life has this uncanny habit of being funny, Owen should have learned his lesson by now. He went to Real Madrid to win trophies and did not. Then he started thinking about the World Cup and forgot about the trophies he wanted to win and went to a team whose useleness on the field is only matched by its gross stupidity on the transfer market.

    You do not burn your bridges just because you expect never to use the same route again. With his dumb luck and fragile nature what happens if he, as he is always prone to, is injured during the World Cup. Would it not be ironic if that happened and Crouch went on to lead England to glory while Owen is sitting on the sidelines nursing his usual hamstring or groin injury tied for the next 4 years to Newcastle.

    Incidentally if he had stayed at Real he would be playing right now as they have a striker crisis with Raul out for the season. But as usual Owen has the fore sight of a chimpanzee. You cannot pursue the rainbow.

    Well he can always beg his way back in 4 years time on a free transfer because we are not going to pay a penny to get him back.