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  • Don Don Dec 29, 2005 22:42 Flag

    Another Reasten prediction

    "you must be joking,your annual slide at xmas is coming".
    Well, reasten, what do you say about Xmas slide, they are showing the best form of any team in England by a long way over the last 2 - 3 weeks. Enjoy humble pie!!!

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    • No as usual you miss the point I was talking about our grip on the CL slipping?

    • Ah, wrong again Reasten, Brazil are world champs. Both in International and unfortunately club. All you "Chelsea" fans are saying "at best 9 points behind us" but what is 9 points? 9 points is 3 wins. And when you say it like that, and consider the form of Liverpool and Chelsea, that is more than possible for Liverpool to close the gap and WHEN Liverpool are the new champs of the EPL, see how many fans we get via Stamford Bridge. It's funny, we all know Chelsea aren't playing their best, and thy are scraping in victories, 3-2, 1-0. Liverpool aren't playing their best and they are the form team in England if not Europe and have only conceded 1 goal in how many premiership games? Oh by the way Chelsea, do you remember a player by the name of Mateja Kezman? What a player he turned out to be

    • and you base that statement on what?

      We finished undefeated top of our group and have a good draw in the next round.

    • Ah and as usual danny boy you miss the point and that is last season we lost to the those so called "lesser" teams and this year we are beating them all comfortably. So yes there are clear signs of improvement, whilst we are not up with Chelsea yet we are certainly better than last season and I for one am more than happy with the progress being made under Rafa!

    • You really are suffering from delusions of grandeur!

      Your recent run of wins have been achieved against 6 out of the bottom 8 teams in the Premiership and only 1 of the top 7 ... and that was Wigan!!!

      This season, you lost 2-0 away to Fulham(!) and the last decent team you played at Anfield was Chelsea ... and you lost 4-1 (Yes, 4-1!!!!). You see, there is no "dramatic pace of improvement" after all. You're (at best) 9 points behind Chelsea and you have yet to play the hardest games, i.e. Man United away, Arsenal home and away and of course Chelsea away!

      Rafulation! ... ha ha, get real!

    • and your best wishes with the inclusion of "jog on" was another pathetic insult, if that is your idea of best wishes then you are deluded, it shows your mentality, every time you type "jog on" or "trot on" it only shows you as a twerp.