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  • Don Don Dec 31, 2005 07:34 Flag


    reasten, u have to be more gracious in making an offer than that, u expect me to take such an offer seriously when u insist on calling me donkey, another infantile remark of urs, u can do better, but along time ago I wrote on the Chelski board that i would stop writing there when u and danny stop posting here. U are welcome to talk about football, or even entertaining banter, but not the tiresome predictable endless nonsense. I won't post on the Chelski board again, but as soon as danny posts here again, then I might respond. And u can do better if u are asking, u can try to be more charming, is it necessary for u to include don kong and donkey, this is exactly the kind of tiresome shit that set it off in the first place. What kind of a response do u expect to receive from that!!! I am man enough, but are u woman enough to ask without throwing insults, u are showing again that u can give it but can't take it. why u so wound up, don't u think this is all hypocritical of u

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    • my god.... your 45 and your so immature. Grow up for god sake. If we are really honest here chelsea have got sod all to boast about. You critise us about Liverpool fans mentioning there history and how we did not only rule british football but also european football, and yes there has been better managers than your pathetic Mourhinho. What it all comes down to is, we have one the champions league 5 times, beat you in the semi final, when we win we win honestly and not because we can blow 200 million plus pounds (and come on you know yourself that that is part of the reason why you are premiership champions), when i watched liverpool against chelsea at stamford bridge, you would have thought that they were at Anfield cos all you could hear was the sound of the Anfield faithful.

      Well done for winning the premiership and well done fpr winning the Carling Cup, even though we contributed nicely towards that, the the whole reason why you chelsea fans are so bitter of Liverpool is because we have a history that spans 25years when were were omnipotent amongst any other Football club. You have had a year of it, and your gettin all excited...

    • Come on, give Reasten a break, he/she is sexually frustrated.

    • so if u want to try to write your offer again, and don't be so pathetic about it I will consider, but until then go away, and realise you are not the only Chavski who writes on our boards, it was dannys posts that were the most tiresome with his fucking spelling checks, what a witless twit he is