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  • Mo Mo Jan 2, 2006 08:18 Flag

    Stevie G A Revelation

    Hi, lets be realistic when we decide who is better, Steven Gerrard or Frank Lampard?

    Frank Lampard scores a lot of goals and distributes well but he can only play world class in chelsea's system. For a player who plays behind the striker he doesn't create enough like world class players (ronaldinho, kaka, requlme, zidane), also he can only play in the centre, you never see him on the left or right making runs.

    Steven Gerrard also scores lots of goal (maybe less then Lampard but more than enough for a Attacking midfielder), he creates lots of chances from all areas of the pitch just like the world class players mentioned above. He can play left, right and centre in any system and always plays world class in each position. He is also great at defending and makes excellent takles. He also drives the team forward and can make forwrd runs often running pass players.

    Steven Gerrard is by far the better player and is the most complete football player in the world. After ronaldinho he is the best player in the world. If Frank Lampard scored less, he would only be a average player.

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    • Absolutely dead-on observations, mate!

      To paraphrase American Football guru John Madden: "A good player can score and there are many good players, but a _great_ player makes all of his teammates better, and those are very rare and very hard to find"