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  • how throughout chelsea's entire history they av only won 14 things and that is only 2 league titles while liverpool are sitting on a fat 18 league titles?

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    • Telling us to get new players, new manager. Sounds like youre getting scared. Why would we do that, were european champions for fuck sake. Piss off you cockney prick

    • I am wondering What will happen if anymore Crazy maniac like Mr. Chelsc-thing would buy the club such as W.B.A,Sunderland etc.. Headache huh..A lot of immature
      and stupid fans will appear soon...

    • I must say it is nice to see Chelski fans going on about their 1 Premier league win, It's also nice to see that they've managed to win the league once before about 50 years ago.
      Also there's not been much in the way of celebrations for them in between except for the odd cup win here and there. Bless them they must have so much tension that's built up over their many years of under achieving that it's all coming to the surface now. Can't really blame them for they know not what they do.
      They also say that we've never won the premier league, True, but the Premier league is just the same as the old first division more or less and we've won that 18 times.
      I really don't think Chelski fans should be coming on to our message boards unless they actually have something to shout about except one premier league win and 37 points.
      I said earlier it was nice but i was just being polite. Come back when you actually have a history to shout about. It's not living in the past either as our recent history is still better than yours. It's also funny that Chelski fans go on about the fact it takes luck to win Champs League, You wouldn't say that if you actually won it.
      Bye Bye Chelski.

    • all i can say to you chelsea fans on are message board is
      that the 3rd of may 05 when are world class player Luis Garcia scored a goal you wern't singing any more accept it
      and go back where you come from because not just liverpool
      but a few teams are after your title and one day you will fall and guess what that is not far away but for now we will enjoy watching barcalona wipe you out of the champion's lge...ha ha

    • Now hes an interesting fact, is it true that Nottingham forest has won more European cups then most, including Chelsea!

    • now you are just being stupid - chelsea playground humour.

    • "Stop press ... stop press ... 3rd rated team in London wins Premiership ... 2nd rated team on Merseyside never has and never will win it ... Everton in with a shout though ... stop press ... stop press ..."

    • chelsea feeling the blues - official 3rd rate london team

    • To all Chelsea Fans. When Liverpool won the league 18 times, it was only 2 points for a win. If you calculate that accross those seasons then Liverpool would have finished above Chelsea on 16 of those times, even with Chelsea Playing more games per season. Work it out, if you can. Also, what happens when The Government under new regs, apply wages caps to Premership players wages. Will those players who sit on the subs bench, be pleased to do so (for a lot less money, as the regs also stipulate that non playing players should be paid less!). The same as commercial employement law. I can see a big change coming that will only hurt Chelsea more than most. Oh and a passing note, UEFA are planing to bring back the rule on only 5 non-national players per team in Europe . . oh dear Chelsea. At Least Liverpool have a better chance of meeting that regulation with Uk players. Facts are better than waffle, and Chelsea are facing an uncertain future. Too much money in one pair of hands . . . danger!

    • I wonder if the gap in trophies in the trophy cabinets hurts more... oh wait. Does Chelsea even *have* a trophy cabinet? Maybe not... since all they seem to crow about is 1 premiership title and a 37-point gap, and maybe that 4-1 win.

      How about we Liverpool fans start crowing about our two games in hand?

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