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  • A Yahoo! User Jan 13, 2006 03:28 Flag


    Oh, so you're saying the pathetic figure of 35,064 is wrong then? You're saying that the so-called loyal Liverpool fans actually turn out in force for every match and aren't really plastic fans who stay in their armchairs by the droves. Really? Is this what you're saying Spit the Bandwagon Dog?

    Well, I suggest you get on to the keepers of the Anfield Stats website and give them some of your infinite armchair wisdom then ... ha ha ha ha ha ha!!

    Four fifths full? Ha ha ha ha ha, that worse than just about every team in the League ... loyal support, my arse!!!

    You've been exposed for the fake supporter you really are, Spit the Bandwagon Dog ... get off your fat arse and go support your team before you try to enter any footballing debate.

    Ha ha ha ha, four fifths full ... that's nearly one whole stand sitting empty ... Shame! Shame on you!