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    Welcome Redmen & women, this is the Liverpool thread, where fellow Liverpool supporters, fans and devotees can exchange views, news, banter and general chit-chat on any subject particularly the highs and lows of our beloved football club.
    Be proud of our club, we have one of the greatest histories in football and one of the fullest trophy cabinets to go with it. We have had our downs of late but we are entering a new era and are at last preparing to dominate again. The reason for the plague of Chelsea 'fans' writing on this forum is because there is only so much smoke you can blow up a clubs *rse that has no such history and a trophy room smaller than my bathroom.
    Like true sports fans we tip our hats to any team who wins the league and ultimately conquers Europe, but alas with those feats we also salute those who can carry themselves with dignity when they are not winning, because it happens to every, club, sportsman and woman.
    Any Chelsea fan now who thinks they will still be alive when their club has matched the achievements of ours is sadly mistaken and therefore should learn to be more dignified, less petty, more aware of their past and be ready for whatever is round the corner. Just ask Utd & Arsenal fans.
    We will still be here, and are on our way back up. Be proud Reds, come here and shout about it, and if the Chelsea thread is that boring that the three fans who can use a computer must come to the Red side, we understand, but please, be a little more civilised?

    *****You'll Never Walk Alone*****

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