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  • Looks like your Istanbul hero has had enough of being treated like an outcast. What's going on there? He was good enough to play in a Champions League Cup Final, and, (lets face it), won it for you. He may not be the best Keeper in the World, but I think it's a disgrace the way He's been treated.

    From Dudek the Hero to Duckegg the Zero.

    Regardless of how well Reina has done so far. How do Liverpool fans feel about it?

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    • Well, with the transfer window since closed and no news on him, he's now set to miss out on playing in the World Cup. I feel for the poor bloke, and as far as I'm concerned Rafael Benitez deserves nothing but contempt and criticism from my side!

    • He sounds like he is still bitter that Liverpool bought his side's best ever player, one Emile Heskey

    • It isn't what he did for our club, it's what we did for him. He turned our back on us, not once, but twice, as the old saying goes, once bitten, twice shy.

    • Lorraine, it's not short term memory from our blue "friend", it's called selective memory. Sounds like he is but a child. Poor lad

    • Owen was completely different, he had the choice to come back to Liverpool who would have welcomed him back with open arms, but what did he do? He went for the money. He turned his back on the club who made him a success, we don't owe him anything, but he certainly owes us something. Let's face it, although you think the Kop are the so called scum of the earth, we support the most successful club in England, if not the world, the only club that is in the same ballpark is Real Madrid. Which blue team do you support, Chelsea, Everton, Birmingham or Leicester? Whoever you support, it doesn't hide the fact that you are scared, cause after a hiatus, the sleeping giant known as Liverpool Football Club has awoken and ready for global dominance again, never been a better time to be a Reds fan.

    • Typical Chelski, can't tell the difference between a rotten banana and his dick.

      Dudek's situation is different, he is not leaving us when we need him most. Besides, he has already performed his heroic and colected his just deserve - the winner medal of the CL. Whereas Owen, he left us when we needed him most to search for HIS OWN glory. Of course he got nothing in the end.

      Dudek will always be our hero and no matter where he will play, we will always cheer him on. YNWA

    • heh heh heh ...... ahhh which part do you find abusive ??? remember people in glass houses ..... !!!

      or was it the truth in you lot don't know how to sing at the bridge !!!

    • Good idea to keep sticking your head in the sand. Why not just keep changing the subject to avoid the issue.

      But as you have chosen to talk about ground noise. Which Premiership team last year only managed fill their ground to four fifths capacity some league games? Yes, that would be LIVERPOOL!!!! Less than 80% full!!!! Wow, what an atmosphere those games must have been! Perhaps, there were no ex-players to boo at those matches eh?

    • err that's because you don't even make a noise at your games - even at the bridge it's quiet. but you probably can't tell stuck in your armchair.

      heh heh heh heh

    • we tried that one on him blonde , but it didn't work. he was never gonna let go and as you see, he just kept repeating himself.

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