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    I want every red to write one reason why they hate chelski and see how quick we can beat the world record for most replys to a thread. Shouldn't be to hard...........

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    • Yes Viva La Rafulation ... where winning Premierships isn't important!!!

      Viva La Rafulation! Viva La Rafulation! Viva La Rafulation! Viva La Rafulation! Viva La Rafulation! Viva La Rafulation! Viva La Rafulation! Viva La Rafulation! Viva La Rafulation! Viva La Rafulation! Viva La Rafulation!!!!

    • They know we laugh at their measley 2 league titles and 0 European cups. They also know we are more entertaining and have something no billionaire Russian pimp can buy..... Team spirit! Viva la Rafalution!!!

    • Because their run by the Russian mafia and they have Maureen as a coach

    • I hate Chelsea because of the simple reason that they are Chelsea and Chelseas message boards must be so boring they had to visit our's but we are the most successful British team after all.

    • YNWA to all Reds

    • Hi

      I am not a reds supporter but out of all premiership teams i liek them the best its about time liverpool starting kicking ass again like the good old days......anyways....i dont hate chelsea either but this simao sabrosa thing really pissed me off. liverpool looked destined to sign the guy but were not going to shell out £15 million for him. I wouldnt either i dont know enough about him. So wot do chelsea do they come along and go "o well heres £15 million and u get to keep him for next season too" so that liverpool dont get him. What a wanker of a manager jose. he's a damn good manager but what a wanker.

    • hate them so much,everytime i see the name i puke,and the only time i think about them is when im on the toilet doing number 2 thats what i think of them

    • And they are copying us again cos they've started their own petition. SAD OR WHAT?

    • Reasons why everyone HATES us at Chelski:
      We have no morals, no code of ethics, we exploited poor folk in Russia to get where we are today
      We are like a big ugly bull-dozer trying to buy success.
      We took all the prawnies from United and made them our own.
      Our manager is the greatest cock-sucker ever to enter this country. We make special apology about Comrade Morhinov, he is good man at the job, but we are working on asking him to shut the fuck up anytime there is a camera or mic near him. We know he truly is the greatest asshole but we like him. He showed no respect or grace in the Barca match last year, but that is the ugly ethics we have embraced at our beloved Chelski. It is in the best traditions of Russian mafia.
      We won the title last year but it meant nothing to us because we watched the pool win another European title and we are eaten with jealousy(don’t worry though, we will buy all the titles eventually, there is no limit to the amount of money from the Russian people we are prepared to burn in this pursuit)
      We buy all referees (as arsenal found out), except that infidel Frisk, but he learned to his cost that if u won’t sell out to us we will TERRORISE you into submission, haha, we got to him in the end.
      There are many more reason why we are hated, this is just a short list to get the debate going. Feel free to add all your own comments to our Chelski board, and don’t worry about being as expressive as you can be, we expect to hear the worst and welcome it, deep down we know we are shameful so your constructive critisms will be welcomed, so feel free to shit, piss and puke all over us.
      To all Comrade Chelski sunshine supporters who have crawled our of the woodwork to join our Russian club, we expect all future posts from true believers in the Chelski to communicate only in Russian. We have KGB agents and interpreters employed at the Bridge to help and assist you in learning our new language, I am sure you will make the transition to rus if you are a real fan. If you are too slow or lack enthusiasm to speak your new language Siberia is waiting for you. We won’t be slow to send you to the gulag, we can replace all of you with more prawnies.
      Real English football fans of English clubs can feel free to abuse us in English.
      We won’t be in England for too much longer, we are making plans to return Chelski back to the motherland at some time in the future, a glorius homecoming for the club we bought and own now, but we want to buy a few more of your trophies first, we have so much money we don’t care about the price.
      We are looking forward to seeing you shitting on all of us at the Chelski boards soon.
      A special thanks to comrades danny and blue20051st for making this thread possible

    • becaus Jose is a tool and Chelsea are nothing without the money 50 yrs without a title tells us all that!!!!!!

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