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  • 老陳買物記 老陳買物記 Jan 17, 2006 13:59 Flag

    Michael Owen

    instead of signing michael owen, we better choose robbie fowler. he is a great striker and also the most important is he is loyal to liverpool!!!^.^

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    • Question 1: Do we really need a another striker in Rafa's current set up?
      Question 2: Will we pay more than 8m for Owen?
      Question 3: Are there no other striker like Owen?
      Question 4: Can Owen cope with the pressure of returning to Anfield knowing that nothing less than 20 goals a season will be considered a success?

      Answer 1: Probably
      Answer 2: No way
      Answer 3: Kyut
      Answer 4: ?

      Conclusion: I don't think Owen will come back because we probably don't need another striker in the current set up. Besdides, there is no way we will pay more than 8m for his return and Newcastle will not accept anything less than 12m. As a striker, I think Kuyt is better suited to the current Liverpool style of play. Finally, why bother to leave Newcastle when you get your wish to play for the World Cup, pocket more than 100,000 a week and get 3 months off each season for hurting your toe and still being treated as a hero?