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  • Kuen Kuen Jan 18, 2006 09:44 Flag

    Stevie G goal tally this season

    I will guess the same, 22. But it is not a good sign for Stevie to score so many. It means our strikers are not doing their job well. I am still very disappointed with Cisse and Morientes. Except for one or two games, they did not bring their scoring boots. Crouch has been doing well since he cracked it.

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    • at the rate he is going it will be close to 30!!
      but that also means that our strikers are not doing their
      share, Stevie is the best in assists and passes not
      scoring goals, so we need our strikers to play better
      as we get to the business end of the competitions.
      But when you need that vital goal you know where its
      gonna come from,
      my guess is 27!! prepare to send cream eggs overseas!