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    Xenophobic or racist ??


    In a previous thread I have been called racist, and xenophobic for my views;

    In the dictionary Xenophobia is defined as "fear or mistrust of strangers or foreigners".

    What is wrong with being a little xenophobic when it comes to football. I suppose passionately supporting a football club, ridiculing the oposition just for not being "your team" can be classed as xenophobia.

    Check out these boards and you will see most of the threads, (the good ones), slag off opposition teams with venom. Is that not xenophobic ? Passionately supporting your team or group is so bad ??

    It seems the fashion these days to call someone a "Racist" for sharing these views, trying to support your roots and values. Political correctness, but thats another story.

    I am English and support the English football team just as my parents and grandparents did. I suggested that there are now too many foreign players in the Premiership, partly because it will mean less and less youth from England being able to come through and partly because the top clubs seem to have all but given up on their own youth policies and just go out and buy the player required.

    How much money goes out of the League to foreign bank accounts through foreign scouts, managers and players ?

    As someone passionate about my country is it so bad to say that there are too many foreign players in the Premiership when the likes of Arsenal very rarely field even one English player in the English Premier league ?

    At the present rate the only English people in the grounds will be us, the fans,the ones who foot the bill !

    Think about it !!

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    • You want a team full of English players, watch League 2 and conference matches. That is where they all are.

      And any team stupid enough to think like you will sonn find itself in those divisions.

      Be real.

    • I prefer to see local talent if possible playing, if they are up to it, and it is definitely a good thing to have a good youth system and have your own players making it thru to the first team. It is natural the Liverpool supporters felt more affectionately for Owen, Gerrard, Carra and Fowler, it obviously means more to the player too to play for his boyhood team rather than just simply be a mercanary playing for whoever bids the highest price.

    • Mate, I've not read your previous comments, just this one. On the subject of Xenophobia, maybe you have a point.

      Concerning racism, in my eyes, it all depends on who you would consider as English players.

      If in your opinion, you consider anyone born and raised in these shores as English/British, regardless of colour and anyone born overseas as foreign, yet again, regardless of colour, then you and I share the same opinion and I (as a black man) have got your back on that subject.

      Whilst I enjoy the talents of some of the overseas players, it must be accepted fact that too many overseas players are ruining our national sport.

      The national team is only just getting to a level where it can hold it's head high in international football because it is only recent that we've had the likes of Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard establishing themselves in the hearts of our Premiership clubs.

      Having players like Roy Keane and Patrick Viera pulling the strings at Man U and Arsenal for a number of years and those previously being the dominant force of English club football meant that on the International front we had no-one with top level experience able to carry our National team forward.

      And it's also the reason why club can ask for extortionate fees for players like Theo Walcott, a mere boy.

      Players of his ability probably exist up and down the country, playing sunday league park football because there's not enough opportunity for our youth to progress.

    • managers try to sign the best players they can who gives a toss what their background is?

      and can u try and make long story short, man you threads looks like gcse english essays to me!