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  • BRIAN BRIAN Jan 18, 2006 02:45 Flag

    Xenophobic or racist ??

    Mate, I've not read your previous comments, just this one. On the subject of Xenophobia, maybe you have a point.

    Concerning racism, in my eyes, it all depends on who you would consider as English players.

    If in your opinion, you consider anyone born and raised in these shores as English/British, regardless of colour and anyone born overseas as foreign, yet again, regardless of colour, then you and I share the same opinion and I (as a black man) have got your back on that subject.

    Whilst I enjoy the talents of some of the overseas players, it must be accepted fact that too many overseas players are ruining our national sport.

    The national team is only just getting to a level where it can hold it's head high in international football because it is only recent that we've had the likes of Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard establishing themselves in the hearts of our Premiership clubs.

    Having players like Roy Keane and Patrick Viera pulling the strings at Man U and Arsenal for a number of years and those previously being the dominant force of English club football meant that on the International front we had no-one with top level experience able to carry our National team forward.

    And it's also the reason why club can ask for extortionate fees for players like Theo Walcott, a mere boy.

    Players of his ability probably exist up and down the country, playing sunday league park football because there's not enough opportunity for our youth to progress.