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  • Don Don Jan 19, 2006 06:59 Flag

    Chavski message board for CL final!!!


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    • Whats your problem doncrrrrl with four r's?

    • What was that guys beef, he comes on our board having a go at us then gets annoyed with us for having a go back. I hope he meant it when he said he wouldn't be coming back, I reckon that guy has got issues!!
      Probably a pissed off Arse supporter cos they have lost 2 out of 3 and been knocked out of both cups.

    • danny's picture is on another thread, actually i think its donc or maybe the rent boy they share when they get their giro.

    • Its all about history passion deeprooted class and culture, the best music footy and art and humour has eminated from this misrepresented city for decades, all those decades when chelsea were nothing. i rename you "StarsOn45" cos it was about 1945 when you last won anything without buying it!

    • your opinion hasn't changed from when you came on to he board, you have been making anti liverpool remarks since your first post. you make liverpool supports sound different to any other but they are not. you would get the same reaction from any teams supporters if you go ion there site with the same attitude. its called blind loyalty on there part. surely if youve seen enough football you will know this. i am stating to sense that you are actually taking the piss because you have conceded nothing. if your not taking the piss than please go and look at the other sites and see that this board is not unique.

    • to be honest, I am absolutely stunned by the reaction I have received on here. I was merely making a perfectly valid point and the abuse I get back is so pathetic that I really wish I hadn't bothered. these few minutes one here have completely changed my opinion of liverpool fans. I have travelled a lot and in recent times at many different football grounds I have ignored the anti-liverpool comments which seem to be gaining more and more momentum. but now I see first hand why liverpool fans have this growing bad reputation. I have learnt my lesson and will no leave with absolutely no intention of ever returning to this cesspit of a board.

      I feel so sorry that a once great club like liverpool has fans who tarnish its past with their agressive and disgusting behaviour. even clubs like millwall are turning things around, liverpool however appear to be going backwards.

      Goodbye and I leave you now to swear, lash out, whine, whinge about me and chelsea to your hearts content.

    • stars, without me being too critical of you, could go to another board and type some anti man u or anti chelsea messages, such as the ones you have been putting on these boards and you will get a similar response.

      not from everyone, and i don't beleive i have been either insulting or aggressive to you tonight. but you will find a mixture of people on every teams board. as there are a mixture of people in life in general.

    • starshole? this is very typical of you to have to turn someone's id into a term of abuse. you sit there claiming you're the injured party and then you do something like that which just sums you up.

      this is followed by some absurd points about your dead granny being able to guide a club to the premiership. what is that all about? are you that jealous with rage that you can't face facts.

      the whole world and the free press recognise chelsea as being the best team in this country and a dominate force in european football yet you believe you know better and in fact it is liverpool who should be recognised as the top team. the reputation if liverpool is indeed justified.

      class? what exactly is class in your eyes? surely class is a consistently successful team? consistently successful teams consistently win the league. liverpool have not won the league for a long time. i think you need to review who the class teams in this country are.

      and now perhaps you could consider some other way of misrepresenting my id to turn it into a purile form of abuse.

    • look mate, i'm not going to abuse you. i have spoke to people on these boards today from chelsea and man u and been called name for my views, but that doesn't give me the right to treat you the same. the ponit i am making is that every club has its idiots, but don't just confine it to one team.

      if you come on here with an open mind and want to discuss things thats fine, but you seem to be prejudging everyone.

    • you're pathetic. I come on here to make a serious point and you get so defensive and childish about the whole thing. no wonder I hear people talk about liverpool fans in a very disparaging manner. you all need to grow up a bit.

      And now I am expecting a lot of abuse in return as is your wont.

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