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  • mel n mel n Feb 10, 2006 14:27 Flag

    Doncrl is right. Its all Crouch's fault.

    I totally agree with Doncrl that Liverpool's current 4 game winless streak is all down to one man Peter Crouch.

    Peter Crouch is the one and only reason that we find ourselves in this predicament. Our current lack of form has nothing absolutely to do with the fact that we have played 42 games already this season (more than Spurs will play for the entire season). Of course the players are not feeling the strains of a long season. It has nothing to do with the fact that Cisse and Morientes are firing blanks and would not find the net even if it was in front of their noses. It has nothing to do with the fact that we have been dominating play in virtual every game but have just been unlucky.

    Its all Crouch's fault that Xabi scored an own goal against Birmingham. Its Crouch's fault that Cisse missed an open goal from 3 yards out against Man U. It is Crouch's fault that Rio scored in the last minute. It is Crouch's fault that Charlton were given a non existent penalty. It is crouch's fault that Pepe Reina in a moment of madness put up his hand to Robben's face and earned himself a Red card. It is Crouch's fault that Gerrard is currently injured. It is Crouch's fault that Gerrard has only scored 18 goals this season, the highest by any midfielder in the country. It is all Crouch's fault.

    And by the way on a lighter note is is also Crouch's fault that Cisse beats up his wife. Its Crouch's fault that we lost the world club championship.

    And above all it is definitely Crouch's fault that Danny is forever pestering us on our team's message board.

    It is all Crouch's fault ladies and gentleman.

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