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  • Kuen Kuen Feb 16, 2006 08:16 Flag

    How Much do our strikers worth?

    Current Strikers with LFC:
    Cisse 14m for 4 goals in 24 games
    Crouch 7m for 3 goals in 24 games
    Morientes 6.3m for 4 goals in 19 games
    Fowler Free for 0 goal in 4 games

    Other related strikers:
    Baros in Villa 6.5m for 5 goals in 17 games
    Owen in Newcastle 16m for 7 goals in 10 games
    Kuyt in Feyenoord ?m for 18 goals in 29 games

    These figures may not be sufficient to conclude everything. But it is good enough for me to see our current strikers are too expensive to buy and too expensive to miss so many opportunities given to them. Fowler is probably is the only one can be excused for not enough games played.

    Definitely Cisse does not worth the money we paid for him. We should not run him dry for nothing. He should be sold back to France, possibly can get about 7-8m back. Morientes is the next one to go. These two do not convince me that they are the materials for Premier league.

    Kuyt is a gamble. The figure now is promising. How poor did Kluviet play with Newcastle may stir up some doubt of Dutch developed players to come to England.

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    • You talk about players brought up in the dutch game being poor, what about Van Nistelrooy, I know most people hate him, but you can't knock his record, 148 goals in 207 games.

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      • I truly accept Ruud Van Nisterlrooy is one of the best goal scorers in the League. In fact, Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink is another Dutch striker performing well in England.

        There is no discrimination against any Dutch players. I am looking forward to seeing Zenden coming back to play well on the right flank for Liverpool.

        However, we have far too many European strikers recruited without the baptism of Premiership football and found to be flops after joining. We had quite a few in the past ten years. We have just put the two young French strikers out on loan. Cisse and Morientes are the two we have to deal with. It is obvious that either our scouting works are bad or our training team is not good enough, or both.

      • While I accept he gets a lot of goals, it says a lot about the team around him when he only scored his first goal from outside the box a few games ago. Still a good player though. Does have a reputation for being a goalhanger.

    • Excepting Robbie, they are simply not good enough to play for LFC.

      We need world class, and I mean class strikers, end of story.

    • With hindsight, we have definitely over-paid Cisse, but as I said, that is with the benefit of hindsight. I can still remember the excitment of landing him to Liverpool and seeing him scoring for us in the first match. Don't forget, before he joined us, he was the top scorer in France. May be the injury has taken its toll on Cisse, or may be it is the EPL style of play.

      As with Morientes, I never really like him, he is too slow to be of any real threat to opponent's defense. I just cannot bear watching him spoiling our chances every week.

      I don't think we have over-paid for Crouch. For just 7m, which is peanuts, he poses threats to defense by his sheer presence. He just needs to bring a compass with him to find where the goal is. But I am pleased with his contribution to the team - just because he is not scoring does not make him bad, he has been creating enough chances for our other strikers to pop up for the knockdowns.

      As for Fowler, what can I say? He is free, he has a good track record in the EPL. He just needs to be fit again. Can't wait to see him completing a full round in partnership with Crouch.

      As for next season, I maintain my view to sell Cisse and Morientes, buy Kuyt and Defoe. Then I think we will have a complete team to challenge for the crown.

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      • Well said Ricky. With Morientes and Cisse as twin strikers we might as well put Hyppia and Carrager up front with better results. At least they would tightly mark the opposing defence. Kuyt and Defoe would be good buys. Andy Johnson would be another possibility, he played very well for Palace as a lone striker and was second highest scorer in the league. Not bad for a team that got relegated. He is fast, clinical and not bad in the air either.

        If we were to go to Rafa's motherland, David Villa of Valencia once our rumoured target is also a very decent striker. Has done very well this season as a lone striker, is deadly in the box, heads the ball well and recently scored from more than 40 yards. We could do worse.

      • Although some may want to drop Crouch, I have different opinion. Ricky is right that Crouch can provide enough thread to the defence to score direct or to provide other strikers to score. Unfortunately, his striking partners are good enough to finish off. For the rest of this season, the first choice partnership should be Crouch and Fowler.

        It seems to be a common view that Cisse and Morientes must go this summer. The concern is whom to buy to replace them.

        Defoe has good experience in English football, with a similar playing style as Fowler and Baros, or even Owen. To rank these four, Owen is definitely the best. However, 16m is far far too much. Since Baros' pricetag was 6.5m, it is justified to pay 7m for Defoe.

        Kuyt is a good buy if he can maintain his scoring rate with Liverpool. The risk is whether his playing style suit our existing pattern.

        If the new recruit is Defoe only, he may have to fight for his place with Fowler. Crouch may still be the first choice.

        If Both Kuyt and Defoe are bought, then it will be Crouch/Fowler versus Kuyt/Defoe. I like this kind of partnership style.

        For example, Rooney was supposed to team up with Van Nisteroy, but now Saha performs much better with Rooney instead.

        How to set up this kind of partnership will be a good test on Rafa's coaching skills.