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  • Ed dw i Ed dw i Feb 21, 2006 05:32 Flag

    A Question?

    Sounds like you have already an opinion and made your mind up. so you are not asking a question but rather trying to provoke.
    Lorraine I wouldn't waste my time answering "SCARLATTISUCKS" especially as he and his son both are two of my favourite composers

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    • Hi Ed,

      Too late!!!! And they accuse us of going on about history..........

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      • Hi Lorraine, Clearly provocative in motive.
        I really dont like the "handle" since I like clavicord music and listen to Messrs A and D Scarlatti all the time.
        Best ignore his person, since it doesn't matter what is said. Your answers were good I do not condone these actions against Man U supporters or anyone else.
        The Walls collapsing in Italy was poor building techniques as well as the taunting of rival fans causing the surge, no segregation of supporters was observed, and both sets of fans were equally to blame.
        A sad day for all.

        How are you? looking forward to tomorrow?