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  • Imran Imran Feb 21, 2006 17:36 Flag

    normal service is resumed .....

    Nicely said Ricky. It's just a shame that there's no Manky Utd fans acknowledging the fact that they were totally outplayed and utterly lacked imagination on Saturday. Come on boys, why not let a bit of reality creep in? The Carling Cup (in the event of you winning) is just a consolation exercise which no top 4 team should in their right mind ever think of making a priority. Why not discuss who you should be buying to correct your problems in midfield (why did you play Giggs in central midfield and Rooney on the wings against Riise???)

    Anyway, enough of them, Didi was the man on Saturday and kept it sweet and simple - a masterclass for any prospective midfielder. He should start with Xabi on the bench but yes, Fowler in attack. Absolutely.