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    the difference between scumerpool and chelsea


    chelsea are real champions and you are murdering concrete lobbing shit throwing scum

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    • I think we're trying our hardest to hang onto the notion of football as we know it. If that means a 'jumpers for goalposts' mentality then so be it. At the same time we're realistic about our team's position in the market place, never mind the Premiership, and the struggle is to maintain a healthy balance between both factors.

      I'm troubled by the thought that we haven't been able to find proper investment yet. I hope we do so before the start of next season. Rafa has brought an intelligence to our football that has my mate (Man Utd fan!) looking enviously at us and admitting as much. It would be a shame to not be able to back him up to the degree that his ability requires. This is a man who had won La Liga in successive years along with the UEFA Cup with practically little input into Valencia's foray in the transfer market. I hope that he puts off going to Real Madrid for as long as possible. I'm sure he will want to - it's his home team after all - but that by then we will have the foundations in place for many successful years to come.

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    • Mighty Red - This is a mighty, mighty post.

      Top effort fella.

    • great post fella...as a fellow chelsea fan i echo the sentiment...and i hope you guys finish above united

    • I disagree. My behind-the-scenes knowledge of my lifelong (since age of 7) team has been patchy to say the least. My fiancee bought me 'The Miracle of Istanbul' - a good read which highlighted many of the points you raised but it's good to read messages like yours if only to show up the infantile posts left on our threads.

      Mightyred left a msg saying at the end that Chelsea deserve better. My mouth dropped but then I remembered the Chelsea team with Vialli and Zola, et al (was Abramovich involved back then?). They played some amazing football which was thrilling to watch.

    • If Gerrard is so bad how come Chelsea were so desperate to sign him?

      And as for own goals lets not forget your very own thug in disguise - ladies and gentlemen I give you John Terry. When he's not beating up nightclub doormen he's scoring for barcelona and costing his own team £20m in lost revenue.

      Gerrard scoring in the Carling Cup final - a bit of prize money.
      Gerrard misplacing a pass to Henry - 2 points lost.
      Terry putting his own team out of Europe - absolutely priceless.

      Looks like there's a competition going on for the title of Captain Calamity.

    • I am a lifelong reds fan although some people would say intelligence isn't one of my stronger points.

    • hmm most of lamps goals come from open play actually mate chelsea dont get that many penalties,certainly not as many as franks has goals.i will agree with the greedy bot tho,lamps needs to look up more often and see if there are better options open than for him to have a long range effort. robben has the same fault,but then with the way jose plays it is to be expected that your midfield score more than your strikers .

    • so what can't you see in lamps that EVERY pundit and player in the WORLD can?

    • Frank Lampard is not even in the top 20 players in the world in my eyes mate. He'd even struggle to get in the England team if Scholes were 3 years younger and Sven didnt insist on playing Beckham on the right. He's greedy and overrated and majority of his goals are penalties! It seems however that I'm on my own here and I hope for some argument about him

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