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  • mel n mel n Mar 23, 2006 10:10 Flag

    Gerrard--- Where is he most effective for Liverpool

    I know that this topic has been discussed before but i felt i should bring it up especially in light of Steven Gerrard's five star showing against Birmingham. The guy was just magnificent and did everything but score.

    Against Birmingham he was back on the right side of midfield, a position that signalled the beginning of our 11 match winning run at the end of last year. Correct me if i am wrong but Stevie seems to produce his best when used in this position. We all know what a world class midfielder he is in the middle of the park but he seems to thrive and blossom when he is given the role he had on Tuesday. His perfomances in the middle of the park against Arsenal and Fulham were somewhat subdued, but he managed to create two goals against Fulham from both wings.

    Centre of midfield at Liverpool seems to restrict him as he has to be always cognisant of marking duties, so he has to keep his position. However on the right he has licence to do whatever he wants, roam all over the park, both wings and drift into the centre as well. One on one with a leftback or right back, the chances are he will get the better of the defender and whip in a good cross for the strikers. Unlike Kewell he has no time to dilly dally, when he has the ball his objective is to attack and cross.

    I am not sure about England but for Liverpool the right side of midfield seems to be his most effective position.

    I stand to be corrected.

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    • Ricky we played 4-5-1 against Birmingham, Finnan, Traore, Hyppia, Carragher in defence. Sissoko, Alonso,Gerrard and Riise with Garcia playing just behind Crouch who was the lone striker. Riise had to switch to the defence after Traore's injury and was replaced by Kewell.

      As l said Gerrard was outstanding in that game.

    • Personnaly I like to see Stevie in the middle we look far stronger when he's there and he scores regularly whilst in that position. We have Kewell and Riise to give us width on the left and Kronkamp was effective on the right against Brum. But as Rafa has said many times we need a quality right sided midfielder in the Simao mold to solve the problem. Mark Gonzales arrives in the summer he is well thought of and may alleviate the problem.