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    Olympic Diving Team

    Apologise for bringing Chelsea up...but have we just found a new diving team at Stamford Bridge?

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    • psredpool - I accept that there is a risk of a change of tactics for the 10 mins but it would put the offending team on the backfoot for that period and would be more of a censure than the current yellow card which is just shrugged off!

      I do agree with the idea of moving players back 10 yards for disent. I know football and rugby are different codes but it would certainly discourage some of the tedious antics of players and help re-establish the authority of the ref which has been hugely undermined by both players and clubs.

    • Mixed views and I do agree with some of them. I also think post match cards should be given out, like with with violent conduct, diving should be looked at the same way. Bear in mind, some players have recieved yellow cards as a result of opposition players diving.

      I'd also like to see us use cards like they do in tournaments, 2/3 yellows is a red and you miss the next game. Unless you show a tough stance issues like this will continue to cause contraversy.

    • Redbob - see my post re: changing teams.

      As for sin bin - I like it in principle but it doesn't make the difference in football that it does in rugby. My fear is that teams would go one up top, pack the midfield and waste time for 10 mins leading to a boring passage of play. Could always try it though.

      On the rugby bandwagon - we could learn loads from the game.

      1) Time out for trys doesn't stop the enjoyment - it adds to the sense of theatre and anticipation. Big screens replay the incident and the crowd get involved.

      2) Linesmen can come on the the pitch after a passage of time and inform the ref of something they've seen.

      3) Forward 10 yards for dissent and only the captain can talk to the ref.

      4) The ref can show that he is playing advantage and then let play go for a long time until he calls advantage over.

      It seems to me that all these things would help our game and encourage better behaviour from kids who learn to play the game by watching their idols ... but maybe I'm wrong. What do you reckon?

    • Hmmm... methinks that Maureen is teaching them something else other than "the winning mentality" (John Terry)...

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      • i'll hold my hands and say that there is too much diving at chelsea at the moment...drogba is a fucking disgrace to the shirt, and i want shot of him...but beyond him our problems are no worse than any other teams...please try and be objective about this, if any other team had come under the scrutiny that we have of late then we'd see the same thing...rather than accuse each other team's of being the problem i suggest that we take responsibility for our own teams and start to boo the cheats...what about having a pink card league (sort of suggested by linekar last night), i reckon it'd make make a great soccer a.m campaign